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Experts Only Guess at Why I Am Flying to Dominican Republic

Experts are a dime a dozen. Can you guess why I fly Wednesday from from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic?

Mon, 8 Jul 2013 06:46:33

An expert is someone who has mastered a lot of knowledge. An authority has the bruises and scars that prove the knowledge really works. – Davender Gupta

Shakira in Dominican Republic

Every time I turn around, I find myself back in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and I keep telling myself, “Never again."

Yet I find myself again flying into the DR, and anyone who knows Sosua knows this place is full of boom-boom girls, rogues and all sort of nefarious, infamous characters.

Some Reasons an 'Expert' Might Guess I'm Going to the DR.

• A plane ticket with from the DR to Europe is cheap.

• I want to see Johnny, David, Billy, Ana and Sandra.

• I can make purchases on and have packages sent to me.

• It has the best quality hotel rooms for the cheapest monthly prices on planet. (It also has some of the worst daily hotel prices on the planet.)

But, then again, there are always thousands of reasons to fly to any particular country on the planet.

But theTruth Is More Difficult to Believe Than a Lie. …

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Where is Shakira?