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Bored in the BRU Airport

Are you bored in the BRU Airport? Sitting restless, waiting for your plane? There is a great cultural tourist attraction in the Level 2 supermarket.

There are two videos here: the short version and the long version.

To me, this is one of the best tourist attactions in Belgium, one of the cultural differences between Europe and America.

It's a cheap way of entertaining the children: watching the BRU Belgium Supermarket bread machine cut up a loaf of bread.

Have you seen this machine before? It is cool?!


Long Video of Bread Machine in BRU (Brussels) Airport


Greetings all, just looking around the net and came across this article on Yahoo.
I read about him quite a while ago but he has now finished his world tour.
Have any of you ever crossed paths with him?

Hope all is well with all.

"According to the Calgary Sun, 44-year-old Mike Spencer Bown is the most extensively traveled person in history."


Andy, You have been away too long. Every supermarket in the US with a bakery has one of these slicers. The difference is they slice it on the machine for you.

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Are you bored sitting in the BRU, Brussels Belgium Airport, then walk down to level two and watch the bread machine, your children would love it. title=