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Air Ticket 361 Santo Domingo to Brussels, then BRU to Lome, 540 USD

Wow, Jeroen did it again! He saved me 200 USD by just calling him up. I found my best deal, I called him, and he saved me another 200 USD. Thanks, Jeroen.

How do I buy a plane ticket?

I found my best plane ticket deal, then wrote Jeroen an email. Yesterday, the price was 630 USD. Today, I got on Kayak, and it was up 100 USD to 730 USD. So I called up Jeroen, and he walked me through the purchase on Expedia, and I bought it for 540 USD.

I explain this in the video below, which, I hope, is simpler to understand.

My Skype conversation with Jeroen: This is the real thing.

Andy Lee Graham

+ 1 260-624-4414 forwards anwhere on the planet to me; I answer with

Wed, 9 Oct 2013 05:28:09

Jeroen my travel agent, friend, and worlds smartest plane fare expert.

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