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AWARDS or major accolades:

top blog list.... or top of this list.


Stats of Rising STAR

Statistics or UNIQUE visitors list is available on the bottom of all pages.

Located at the bottom of all pages is a small colored box.

EXAMPLE TO -------->
Click on the example and you will see the statistics of HoboTraveler.com


ALEXA.COM GRAPH OF GROWTH - It is showing which ranking according to the Alexa.com

Note the means I am in more or less the top 40,000 websites on the planet and growing FAST.


STATISTICS OF "Hobo Travel Tips Newsletter"

This is a little more complicated.
It is located in numerous locations, and all of these have "Residual." for you the advertiser.

I presently readership of about 6000 persons per week or bi-weekly or when I can. It is mirrored or sent five ways.

Mirrors of newsletter:
1. Topica.com     2000
2. Topica.com   2500
3.   150?
4. Private or my own list server. New 1549 subscribers as of June 1, 2005
5. I also send out a link inside my blog and with the RSS readers I have not idea how many people read the online version.

ARCHIVES - Hobo Travel Tips Newsletters - Your links will remain here permanently:
These are mirrors of the newsletters so readers have a choice between the two major list servers of the world being Topica.com and Yahoogroups.com.
Archives on the HoboTraveler.com site
Archives List Information number 1 in Topica.com
Archives List Information number 2 in Topica.com


- Blog Archives in Yahoogroups.com
- Blog Archives will be eventually be added to or integrated in the future as an archive in HoboTraveler.com.

LINK POPULARITY is a another way to prove the value of a site:

Here is a link to see how HoboTraveler.com competes with other travel sites.
http://www.marketleap.com/publinkpop/  - You will need to copy and past the URL into the box of that page.

- Copy and Paste:                   http://www.hobotraveler.com

There is a special tool bar you can download and use to see or measure page rank although I am not very aware of exactly the significance.

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