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No Heroes Wanted John Explains Lagos Nigeria And Danger Travel

John made a comment that explains how to enter a war zone, or how the goal is not to be heroe and survive.

Mon, 20 Dec 2010 02:48:29

A normal day, nothing special. It was in Lagos, we in a yellow cab. There was police control with guns in front where we had to drive, somewhere in the city. The driver got nervous. My wife, a tough one, told him to be calm, drive gentle and slow and stop when they say stop. He wanted to run, but she made him how she said. The police looked at us, inside the car, saw the white man, all looking good and nobody dangerous, there was no trouble, we continue without a real stop. The driver was the most happy one. He said the first time in his life no problem in such a situation... he could not believe it.
Suddenly, about 100 meters after the police: pag! pag! I told my wife this where shots! She would not believe it. A car passes us with high speed, followed by the police.

I guess: That one had not stopped in time and they shot after him, in OUR direction. They did not hit us. There where in some distance in front of us many people waiting for the buses. Hope they did not catch the flying bullets....

A few days later I saw in the papers news about a shooting police and ?? with some people killed. Was not far away from from the road where we were driving along...

Think what you want.

Listen to the locals and make clear with the driver and passengers before driving: Whatever happens, no heroes wanted. The ones with guns make the game. You can drive closer to them to talk, but in an appropriate manner. So try to cope and VISIT YOUR GIRL IN Ivory coast. Have a pic on hand of her. Normally nobody wants to trouble you in such a case.
It may be helpful to have little cash on hand for HELPING THE GUNMEN SUPPORTING THEIR FAMILIES IN THIS DIFFICULT TIMES and they may please let you continue your overland travel to your girl. Maybe you can ask them to inform the next control that the car with the white one is no risk because of CHECKED WELL. Maybe someone form the passengers should do that for you. Friends are a good thing.

Try to avoid any crowd where you cannot disappear to safer places.

You can alternatively pass the country in the north and avoid it complete. Since you have time.

The best is: Lord, go with Andy and give him an easy trespassing, wherever he goes, in Jesus name, Amen.

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No Heroes Wanted John Explains Lagos Nigeria And Danger Travel