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Donetsk Ukaine August September 2018 Trip Plans By Andy Lee Graham To Visit An Area Of Ukraine Where People Die - Adventure

August 22, 2018, I am in the planning stage, and this page will change, part of the adventure travel topic on

Donetsk ukraine



I am planning to travel the the area of conflict, deaths in Donetsk, Ukraine around September 10, 2018, and spend maybe 7-10 days with the hope of understanding the story, the truth.

This page will change, the next time you return in a few days, it will evolve. I am Andy Lee Graham, 20 years of living abroad in 111 countries, I am in Odessa, Ukraine today, August 22, 2018.

Questions about Donetsk?

Big question? Do I need a special visa, permission, stamp, am I leaving the Ukraine?

1. Where to enter Donetsk? State or Oblast?

2. Do I need permission to enter? i.e. Government papers?

3. Which city in Donetsk, Oblast would be ideal to visit?

4. Who are the experts on this conflict? Only people who have actually went into the area, not opinions, actual experience people.


Thanks, members can put comments below.

Andy Lee Graham from USA, native born citizen. 


Russian Consulate General in Lviv, Ukraine

Levytskogo Street 95
Lviv 79017

(+380) (32) 275-05-77
(+380) (32) 244-74-40
(+380) (32) 244-25-25


Mr Oleg Astachoff, Consul General

Information collected from a site I trust:



I started a page, where I propose ideas, questions, situations, and strategies for entering Donetsk, Ukraine in September of 2018, and, at any given time, understand, I could just decide to not go, life is never predictable, this is for discovery of the global truths, understanding the true stories, not fake news stories for click bait. This is my curious moment in time, I will share, but please do not school me, tell me, or send me opinion of motivation, or right or wrong, or your personal feeling of fear, I do not care, I am capable of going here, while I am sure, most are not emotionally equipped, please take care to treat all people as having equal abilities, that is dangerous thinking, truly sets up people to do something dangerous, as if all of use are the same. There is no special training for dangerous travel, it is only experience, successful experience that can teach one. i do not stumble, mumble, or panic under danger, really, I thrive in the middle of chaos. Thanks, have fun, but please, this is me, not you, it is always interesting to enter a new world of feelings.


This is sort of funny, so this is suppose to be a war zone? Donetsk, this is the name of a state (Oblast) and a city. And, best I can surmise, I can get a bed in a Hostel for 4 USD there, reserve on I am exchanging emails with Jeroen in Kazakstan or Thailand, and he knows this region of world, he appears to think easy enough. Maybe this link works? Jeroen sort of says, maybe I need Russian, Visa, never know what, until at the borders, as rules change often by the person stamping the passports.


Hello Andy It's a good thing and proof of courage that you want to visit the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, you will see with your own eyes the situation there -very different from the lies of the big Western medias-and you will see that the people will greet you with great empathy. They will tell you, among other things, of the bombings of the neo-nazi battalion Azov, that is aiming specifically at the civilian population...Best from Lionel (South of France, soon to fly to Guatemala)


Looking forward to hearing Andy’s report

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