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Adventure Test

Adventure Test, are you up for real adventure, do you have the mental, emotional and physical ability needed, here are some questions to test yourself.

This is a test I have devises to see if you are ready for extreme adventure., An adventure is an activity that is perceived to involve risk, dangerous or exciting experiences.

I define Adventure Travel as travel that involves the possibility of being killed. There is an extremer form of Adventure Travel that involves humans, a dangerous animal.

List of things a person who is capable of Adventure Travel involving Humans should be able to do:

Can you accept risk? Can you accept and weigh the risk involved?

1. Drink water from lake or river. (Amazon River)
2. Walk into middle of road and stop a car. (Cote d'Ivoire)
3. Lie down for 10 seconds in a busy restaurant. (Borrowed from the 4-hour work week book.)
4. Sleep under tree along side the road without a tent.
5. Tell a person to F- Off, and for sure you need to be able to tell your Mother or Father, boss, etc.
6. Allow your friends or people scoop up rice from your plate, with their fingers and then you continue eating. (Iran, Nepal, Africa)
7. Hitchhike 500 Miles (Guatemala)
8. Enter into a taxi and turn the radio or music down, whether the taxi driver likes it or not. (I do this is many countries.)
9. Share the same cup for water with 10 people at a bus stop. (Arbil Iraq. Construction in the USA.)
10. hmm?

Test One Video - Drinking from the Lake


Thank you,

If you have more subtle test of personality needed, please write me by clicking on Contact above:

Andy Graham  - Adventure Travel involving Humans


I think you missed the middle eastern/north african traditon of using a sheep's ear as your fork/spoon. Works just fine. :)


And, if you happen to be sitting next to a tourist who finds a hair in their soup, and raises a stink, always point out that the soup with flies in it is always more nutritious.


I was in in rural Laos for New Year Eve by accident, a few locals ask me to a Party. There was no way to talk, and it was dark. First they wanted me to drink beer, and I cannot because I am an alcoholic, but Laos does not truly understand that. Then they wanted me to eat a piece of bone meat, I have no idea what it was. They wanted me to dance with a girl, but she was real chubby, I turned it down. Then they wanted me to dance with the brother, I turned it down. They started to get angry, because I said no too many times, so I was lucky to escape the drunk Laos people.

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