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The Lifestyle of a King or Queen Living Abroad

Accommodations or live abroad apartments allows you to live like a King, or Queen cheaply.

The Lifestyle of a King or Queen Living Abroad

I am positive in the near future; I will live in a 5 Star Hotel Suite, with kitchen, laundry, maid service, and a private taxi.

No, that is not clean enough, maybe I just want a quiet apartment, with three beautiful girls who cook, clean, and run for shopping errands. Oh yea, and 2-3 taxi that are on call.

Yes - 3 Cute Cleaning Girls and I am a King Living Abroad

I can have this lifestyle in Togo, West Africa for 250,000 CFA per month, --- the French African Franc.

LIve abroad king

My retirement plan is to have 5 apartments:

1. Togo, West African Apartment
2. Guatemalan Apartment
3. Philippines Apartment
4. Peruvian Apartment
5. ? Medellin, Colombia
6. Rio de Janiero, Brazil near Copa Cabana Beach

I will never buy Real Estate again in my life, it is foolish, it is a commitment that never quit taking, but the only way to know this to have owned a house, and sold everything, lock, stock and barrel.

Been there, done that, Real Estate owned me, I did not own it, the more I think about global economics, and the more it feels like a plot by the super rich to dumb down the people of countries.

Please, stop reading “International Lying,” they want you to pay the same as the USA, live the same, and clean up after yourself, and not understand the savvy live abroad experience, it is all just a complicated Real Estate sales scheme.

Note: I say this as a “Real Estate Expert.” I owned my own Real Estate company, a licensed Real Estate Broker and licensed Real Estate instructor, I have purchased over 60 houses in my life, I sold on average 2 pieces of real property per week.

But, back to my life as a King…. Living abroad.

In the past, I thought about having an “Apartment Hotel” staff taking care of me, which is a great option. However, the staff of a Hotel is generally burned out, and do not have proper supervision. Unless that is, you are in a 5 Star Suite, which would cost me around 3000-5000 dollars per month, not really that much money.

The price of a great Hotel suite in the USA is 1200-1500 USD per month, really one third the price of a place like Philippines, Guatemala, Peru, or Togo, it takes a ton of money to buy American style cleaning quality in these cheap countries. It is impossible to teach a person to clean to American standards, when all their life, they lives at “Minus 3 Stars.” Yet, I can have 3 girls I personally supervise, that are temporary staff, and happy to have the new job work.

I believe it is possible in all countries to find 3 cute girls to clean my Apartment, working 8 hours per day. (Errands, yard work, laundry, painting, etc.)

When I lived in the USA, I had a man by the way of Steve who did all my errands, he was paid 11 dollars per hour, I bought a van for him to use.

When in the USA, I had a girl by the name of Janet, who cleaned for 6 hours per day; I paid her 14 dollars per hour.

These two Americans almost mutinied, when I gave them one sided razor to clean up all the paint specks on the hardwood floor of my 100 plus year old home. Why do American workers believe it is their right to “Whinge?”

The problem with this, I needed to work 8-12 hours per day, and my friends all criticized me.
“Andy, you should do the work yourself.”

I would often reply,
“You have a wife that is a slave, which is your mother.”

What is the point of earning thousands of dollars per month, if I have to clean my own house, and do my own errands?

I want to live like a King, where the staff, the locals, and all my foreigner friends are doing the same, and everyone is happy, I am the benevolent boss, and believe I am wise, and intelligent.

I need to find 3 cute girls, hire them quickly to clean and work only for three months, but I can rent an apartment by the year.

It is amazing how nice it feels to have servants, nothing in life is better than having all the common work and errand performed by staff, in the USA, this cost me 25 dollars per hour.

80 percent of the planet has servants for the wealthy, not sure what happened to the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia, and they advance to a level of work all day

I am the King of my world, I do not need to marry to have a housekeeper, or mother.

Mon, 21 Jan 2013 23:59:19

The life of a King is for me.

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