Accommodations is available also at

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A Hotel I Refuse To Tell Readers About

Travelers often keep good hotels secret, refusing to tell anyone online of their existence, finally I know of one hotel I refuse to share with people.


Accommodations is available also at

Africa 3 Time More Expensive - Accommodations

Hotel Room in Africa are on average 3 times more expensive for the same quality of room as almost anywhere on the planet, not a good value globally.

Ft. Wayne Indiana Bed and Breakfast

Video of my room, entrance, commmon area and bed in the historical LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Gossip That Influences Travelers - Accommodations

Your Hotel is where all PR starts! Choosing the right Hotel will either give you DHV or DLV.

The Lifestyle of a King or Queen Living Abroad

Accommodations or live abroad apartments allows you to live like a King, or Queen cheaply.

Accommodation defined: Accommodation is a type of residential accommodation. People who travel and stay away from home for more than a day need lodging for sleep, rest, safety, shelter from cold temperatures or rain, storage of luggage and access to common household functions.

Lodgings may be self catering in which case no food is laid on but cooking facilities are available.

Lodging is done in a hotel, hostel or hostal, a private home (commercial, i.e. a bed and breakfast, a guest house, a vacation rental, or non-commercially, with members of hospitality services or in the home of friends), in a tent, caravan/camper (often on a campsite). In addition there are make-shift solutions.

Sleeping is typically done lying in a bed, or more generally on a soft surface, such as an air mattress, a couch, etc. Some trains have sleeping cars.

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