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Your Hotel is where all PR starts! Choosing the right Hotel will either give you DHV or DLV.

Gossip that Influences Travelers

The savvy traveler understands the of art mining valuable knowledge out of gossipy tourists, and locals. The practice of this tradecraft wisdom enables us to explore foreign lands in comfort, and never say,
“It is time to return home.”
By mining valuable knowledge out of gossip, one can live in comfort, in very uncomfortable cultures.

I am always in a comfortable room, living the life of luxury, my lifestyle is better than 99 percent of the tourists on the planet.

Living is the sum of:

The room + the neighborhood + the management + the friends you meet + what you eat + culture + what you do for fun?

The truth in the pudding is this, my lifestyle is so good, I refuse to get on the plane and go home. I can live in any country on the planet, and I do not like Switzerland or France, therefore I am in Togo, West Africa because I want to be here, more than there.

I actively search for the “Travelers Huddle,” whereby people talk about where they have been, and where they are going. This is easily done by reading the Lonely Planet Guidebook, and finding the words “popular with backpackers,” this is where there is normally a good “Travelers Huddle.”

I seldom read, which is 99 percent gossip, it requires too must time to mine. On the Internet, I mine travel Blogs, or just idle comments people write about places, never reviews. I want to know the person is “out” for over six months, before I give their opinions any credence, but I want to live the good life, I live traveling, I am not on vacation, I need the best information possible, I am not going to make the best of it, I am going to live the best possible lifestyle availed for 300-500 dollars per month for a travelers room.

Yes, I assume the room was good for 3000 dollars per month, but was all the people you talk real, fun, honest, and worth remembering? Did you get their email?

When in my home town of Orland, Indiana, I can go to Chubby’s Restaurant and learn about the town of Orland, or at Kim’s Barber Shop, I get a years worth of skinny in minutes.

Here in Lome, Togo, West Africa I often stop down to Le Galion to see if new travelers have arrived. There is a local drinking spot in every block of Lome, Togo, it is really the Bon Vivant lifestyle, just difficult to grasp unless you speak fluent French. I am only about half fluent; therefore still not quite understanding all the undertones.

Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet. There is an art to separating gossip from real information. Real information is packed with data, specifics, while gossip is just juicy and interesting but does not have any meat, just saucy.

I have said numerous times,
“Hotel information with no price is not nice.”

What I want to hear about a hotel is,
“Andy, I know a hotel for 30 dollars in Atakpame, Togo.”

I have a price, therefore I know if I “Want” to afford it, after the person tells me the price, I sum up the other bundle of benefits.

Many people cannot remember the price they paid for a Hotel, I do understand, but without the price, it is not nice, it is often just gossip to me, I still need to have enough money to live there for 30 days, not just one night.

I call hearsay Gossip, this is when you heard if from a friend, or you read a Hotel Review, I will travel for four hours if my best friend tells me specifics. Real knowledge has both good, and bad information, when something is only good, they are lying.

Gossip: Just mean in nature, and has no substance, just said to cause people to talk, Hotels use gossip to destroy their competition.

Hearsay: The person heard a friend comment, and repeated the comment pretending to be the bearer of real knowledge, but in reality has no real experience. (This Twitter Thrives.)

Gamed Comments: Well conceive, diplomatically said comments, which are highly plausible, with tones of good and bad, but only one possible deduction is possible, (90 percent of Hotel reviews)

Naïve Comments - Well intended, and good to mine, the naïve tourists often know essential facts, just do not give them.

Locals Gossip About Hotels in Lome, Togo

The locals in Lome, Togo believe I am poor, most of my readers believe I am poor, and the word “Hobo” does not help my PR, I manage my public relations badly, or really I portray myself trying to hook the people I want for friends, life is a game, and the loser become the pawns.

I make more money than 70 percent of the American citizens, but less than 30 percent, but I am rich, because I do not have a mortgage or car payment, my discretionary money is huge.

When I cross a border, or arrive on the airplane, I want to appear rich, so immigration wants me to enter the country. When I am walking down the road at 10-11:00 PM, I want to appear poor, so the locals do not rob me.

90 percent of the relations I have with locals in any country are with sales people, hawker, vendors, or owners or restaurants. To them, I want to appear poor, this allows me buy a local prices. Living in a 5 star hotel would guarantee I pay 5 times more than the locals; it is amazing how a tourist bubble can cause all the locals to lie in unison, and even the hotel manager. There is nothing more annoying than people following me because they believe I am rich, I call these people “Cling On’s”

I want to appear rich to the local girls, and poor to the local boys. I like girls to come talk to me, and I want the local boys to talk somewhere else, unless they have exceptional good manners.


I made a shit load of money in the USA; I dropped 100 dollars for dinner and fun 2-3 times per week the last 10 years I lived inside the USA. I went on a six week vacation to Mexico, which is how I started to travel the world.

At the end of the day, I have the spending power of a millionaire, but walk with common people who treat me as one of them. I like to fit it, except when there is a need to be special.

Gossip is a powerful tool, famous people pay millions of dollars to create friendly talk (Gossip, no reality, it is talk.) about their company, or themselves. It is staggering the amount of money politicians pay to influence how people talk.

Mystery Method


Demonstration of Higher Value
Demonstration of Lower Value

I learned my most important lesson in the last year from someone who puts a look of disgust on my face, he disgust me.

This guy has fingernail polish, and I think he appeals to girls because he is a girl emotionally; there is a lesbian inside many girls looking to find a girl…. Aagh, this guy is a genius, who dresses like a poof. He could explain dysfunctional hooks to the co-dependent crazies, with great gusto.

I have mined his videos for knowledge on how to manipulate my public image, and I highly recommend him for all business people, he is genius.

This guy “Mystery,” knows the art of how to win friends, and influence people in less than 10 minutes. He is Dale Carnegie on steroids; he can manipulate the emotions, and make you like him, or dislike him in minutes. Truly, remember, there is great value in having certain people avoid you. I have an American Flag on my day bag, this repells the people who want to talk bad about the USA in annoying way. And, attracts the Togo girls!

I listen to everyone, I often force myself to read writers who disgust me, and try to learn from them. I admit, I have given up on Travel Writers, I cannot stomach anything they write, they seem to be sociopath in nature, they are natural born liars. And, I for the most part could be called a travel writer, because I write about my travels. I wonder if I like to read what I write? I never go back and read what I write, I just spit it out…

What does this all have to do with a Hotels?

Well, when you choose a Hotel, this is your base, this is the benchmark, this is the start, and the end of all PR. If your public relations is good, you will have good memories.

You have three main groups of people who gossip or talk about you.

1. The locals in the neighborhood area of the Hotel.

2. The other foreigners who live in the Hotel with you, and the other foreigners who you meet in your travels, or tourists.

3. The people you know when you return home.

4. The people you buy services or products, the taxi drivers, the restaurant owners, etc.

By controlling the DHV or DLV, you can achieve your personal goals in life. 90 percent of the time, I want to be DLV, and 10 percent of the time, I want to be DHV.

This guy Mystery I recommend you watch, you can mine his degusting opinion of women, and people to learn real ideas on marketing or what influences people, how to control gossip.

If you say to yourself,
“I do not care about gossip.”
Beware, this denial tells me too much about you, your PR is problematic.

Yes, in a perfect world, we do not care about what people think, but in my opinion, take it or leave it, 99 percent of what we do it to win favor with someone.

Travel is at of controlling the DHV and DLV to stay happy and safe, to create gossip that is helpful to your personal mission in life.

Andy Graham January 2013, leaving today for Atakpame, Togo

Please, do not have contempt before consideration, I truly believe this is business 101. I believe that business majors need to have a classes in personality and charisma, how to sell image quickly.

Two confusing concepts to learn in the lesson of life
- DHV and Peacocking

Mon, 21 Jan 2013 00:05:37

Mystery Method

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