Ft. Wayne Indiana Bed and Breakfast

Video of my room, entrance, commmon area and bed in the historical LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

This is Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com, I just returned from the Caribbean.

I moved into the LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The location is perfect for me, close to the main library, many of my friends live in the West Central Neighborhood, this is where the majority of Ft. Wayne artists, musicians and yuppies live. I can easily walk many professional hangouts, meet my friends for lunch at the Dash Inn, or walk down to Columbia Street West. There is a new baseball stadium in Ft Wayne, I am looking forward to viewing it, this Bed and Breakfast is perfect for me, especially since I do not have a car.

LaSalle Bed and Breakfast Ft Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne B&B

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Bed and Breakfast

I am in the Lincoln Room, in the Sion Bass house, there are two home, and both are part of the Bed and Breakfast.


Andy. This is Frank Gray at the Journal Gazette. I see I'm practically around the corner from you. Can we talk? 461-8376.


Sure looks better than those places in the DR, and your chances of getting robbed by Latino gangs and getting your butt kicked or killed are much less, plus you have a police dept in case they do.

Phil J

Hi Andy. I am glad you found a nice place that fits your needs. You have a unique ability that a lot of people, me included do not have. Good luck on your road trip. I am sure you will meet a lot of interesting people and have loads of fun. It will be very interesting to read your blogs about the trip.


This goes for +150 a night? Not what you usually like to pay......


Exactly arcu has a good comment. If Andy was able to get a monthly rate of $500 on this room I think I want to move in there for a month or two because it is a really nice room that the reservation system values for $150-160 per night.

Page Turner

Nice article Frank Gray put in Ft Wayne paper this morning. Be interesting to hear more about your travels when you were in the Holy Land.


Here's the link to the article.
It's a nice piece and worth a read.

Andy, are you really getting this room for $500 'ish a month?


Pampy- thanks for the link. Re bnb: Maybe it's- cut-price room in return for the publicity on this site- (see newest post) which is fine with me, although disclosing such an arrangement might be warrented.

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