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Africa 3 Time More Expensive - Accommodations

Hotel Room in Africa are on average 3 times more expensive for the same quality of room as almost anywhere on the planet, not a good value globally.

Africa 3 Time More Expensive

I can find a 10 dollar room in any country on the planet, in any country there is always someone who will rent out a spare room for 300 USD per month.

Africa, whether East or West Africa Hotel rooms suck, all the guidebook want me to drive a car, and land at place full of other White People. Tourism is always going to the place, or hotel inside the country that least resembles the real people of the country, and say,

“I was there.”

The more I pay for a Hotel room, the less I am "In Country," all true cultural experiences involve uncomfortable hotels, but still Africa is expensive compared to Southeast Asia or South America, it is always annoying to pay more for less.

10 dollar hotel Ghana

The Hotel rooms I get here in West Africa for 15 dollars would cost 5 dollars in Guatemala or Thailand, and 15-30 in the Philippines.

I always feel like the only tourist in Africa, and I hate to call myself a tourist. But, I do tour around the continent, and the other tourists are volunteers who think they know, and go to all the places I describes. The places that least resemble Africa.

I met two 20 year old German girls yesterday, 20 years old education wise, 15 years old mentally and emotionally, and arrogantly stupid enough to believe 20 years old can help anyone, the best job for a 20 year old is labor, not managing a culture.

But, all in all, to live the same quality as I do in Southeast Asia, or Central and South America, I think I would need to pay 50 dollars per day. This would be easy travel, but if I park it, look for 2-3 days, I can carve out a 35 dollar room and pay 10 dollar with pure travel savvy.

Let me explain that, I walk around the Hotel, beat them down on price, and pick out the prime room in the Hotel, the best Hotel room available. I never get a reservation, they cannot just hand me the keys, and say,
“Here is your room Mr. Graham.”

I make the prove it is a 30 dollar room, then I pay 10, the savvy traveler is always in the best room in the Hotel, fully aware they put the tourists in the worst value for the money.


Andy Graham in West Africa 2012


Good Morning Andy,

I realize you are a well experienced traveler, much more than I but there are countries where decent accommodations are not always negotiable. There may be some less decent places available but then we don't all want to stay in them.
I have traveled Europe and Japan extensively as I actually lived in both for extended periods of time.
Most of Western Europe, Germany, Holland, France and Scandinavian countries are generally steadfast in not lowering their room rates even when many are empty. Japan even more so. It's also much that way in the U S except for our wonderful motel system which still hasn't caught on in most other countries.
Again there are lesser places to be found but I would not stay in them for various reasons and I do try to find reasonable prices when I travel.

While I'm at it my next main travel I'm planning is to go to Buenos Aries for 30/45 days next year probably Sept/Oct. If anyone here has any good tips for places to stay, food, side trips and whatever please feel free to share. There will be me and my new wife and I am 70+ she is early 50s.

Thank you.

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