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A Hotel I Refuse To Tell Readers About

Travelers often keep good hotels secret, refusing to tell anyone online of their existence, finally I know of one hotel I refuse to share with people.



I am here in Lome, Togo and discovered a Hotel that is a great deal, nice, clean, and in a good location, and about 30 percent below market prices.

For many reasons, I am not going to tell readers. This is the first time I have done this in 16 years of perpetual travel.

I did not believe there was anything worthy of keeping secret.

Andy Graham 2014

Secret Hotel


I am regularly told to keep travel information secret, and I never do, just seems silly.

For example, a friend of mine is not happy I sell the secret pockets on He believe that someday the whole world of traveler will have them, and they will no longer be secret.

Andy Graham


This is not the hotel that I refuse to share with readers. Chuck, as best know, you cannot travel too far from Thailand, so this Hotels is sort of weird you are offering.

Is this the Thailand Chuck Wow group hotel in Lome? Chuck Wow is a word in Thai language.


What hotel do you recommend in Panajachel?


I like El Amigo, Posada Don Carlos, El Viajere the one closest to Lake, and Marios Rooms. Marios rooms is really beautiful inside, centrally located, and good for vacations. Everyone is so different, I am single man, who has went to Africa 10 times, and backpacked from Mexico to Chile visiting all the countries, spent three months two years ago living Hostels in Southeastern Europe.


Thanks for the list Andy! Are the rates in these Pana hotels about the same rates? Or is there a 2 tier system depending on how long you stay and if you are a gringo or not?


Hmm, how many tiers? Yes, gringo or not gringo is 1st. Talking Spanish, or asking questions is second. Third is whether you negotiate, or do not negotiate. Fourth is online of offline, offline is cheaper here. Fifth is how you dress, clothing of tourist, or show of wealth. Sixth is looking in the eye, asking for manager, showing knowledge by looking at room before you negotiate. Seventh is do you negotiage from strength. 8th is time of day of arrival. 9th is length of time 10. paying with credit card of dollars, and not Quetzales. I probably could go on for another 20, nothing is ever simple when a face to face negotiation is in progress. Ergo, the reason why people just pay online and pay too much, it is not a test of wits, allow the Hotel to win the day.


When I was there last year I found an apartment with kitchen for $150/mo with out much effort. I don't remember how furnished it was (furniture yes but don't remember pots/pans/dishes etc) but I think they were willing to rent month to month. Sounds like tourist prices are continuing to infiltrate the area though.

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