Sleeping in Airports

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Sleeping in Airports

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  1. So you do not miss and early flight.
  2. Save money.
  3. In Europe it is very difficult to find rooms and sometimes it is easier to avoid the reservation hassle and just sleep in the airport on the train or bus.


  1. Floor is cold so you need sleeping bag or blanket.
  2. Set an alarm clock.
  3. Tie bags together and put road around your leg.
  4. Protect your shoes or tie to bag.
  5. Showering in the toilet is common.
  6. Coffee can be made from sink in toilet.
  7. Police will check sometimes if you have a plane ticket.
  8. If you speak a different language than the local language the police will understand you sleeping in the airport better.
  9. A checked bag will keep you from being able to reach the departure area the night before where it is easier and better to sleep.
  10. Bring food and water or you could spend more on these items than you saved by sleeping in the airport.
  11. Carry an extra two shirts in your carry on bag.


Probably more than anything you do, or think about when sleeping in an Airport, Trains, or Bus Station is what you have in your carry on bag that is easily accessible. When I first started to travel I purchase just a normal small backpack as my carryon. But now I have my custom made maximum sized smaller backpack to carry as much weight and baggage as possible with me on the plane or any type of transportation.



  1. Departure area is better normally and safer than the check in area. So if you go beyond the customs are area and in the areas to wait for the plane to leave this is better. The problem with this is you normally need a boarding pass.
  2. Carpet floors are better as tile or concrete floors will transfer the heat from your body faster and make you cold.
  3. Do not sleep near any common walk way as this brings you to the attention of security.
  4. Do not ask permission normally because the answer will probably be no.


  1. The chairs or couches in the airports have arm or separation barriers to keep people from lying down on them, although it is possible, but you may find it more comfortable to lie on the floor.
  2. Security police.
  3. Theft of bags or small items while you sleep.
  4. Cold
  5. No alarm clock so you could miss and early flight.
  6. Food is very expensive.
  7. Lights can keep you awake.
  8. Showers
  9. Getting to your checked baggage to change your clothes.


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