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March 2020 - My Dream For Humanity - A Hobo Dream by Andy Lee Graham

I have a vision in my mind, an idea, a way of living that I want to share with my friends my little Hobo way, a Hobo dream life, how we can live the dream, not just talk about our dreams. Thanks

Fri, 13 Mar 2020 05:22:06

Superman, and My Dream For Humans

If Superman flew back in time to 1980, he would meet the loser, Andy Lee Graham; a person who not only stepped on his dick, but was jumping up and down on it. With every move he made, with every decision, he was on highspeed pathway to hell.

Andy Lee Graham believed it was his right to party, stay up all night, to be a self-centered, live the entitled life, the ?King Baby,? where everything was his right to do, nobody had a right to tell him what to do.

In 1980-1985 more or less, not memorable years.

Andy Lee Graham is a drunk.

Andy Lee Graham Felony Drunk Driver

Andy Lee Graham files bankruptcy.

Andy Lee Graham causes shitloads of headaches for friends, family.

Andy Lee Graham is a loser.

Andy Lee Graham destroyed girlfriends.

Andy brought the gutter into everyone's house.

Superman travels in time to 1984 to meet with Andy Lee Graham?

He sees Andy Lee Graham walking down the road at sunrise, he looks over at the sunrise, and hears Andy say,

?Fuck this, never again, no more, I quit.?

A spiritual awakening, touched by the dream of making the world a better place, and Andy says, 

?First things first, I must make myself the best version of myself.?

No lies

No white lies
No excuses.

What he says he is going to do, and what he does is going to be the same.

Staying sober, and suffering for a life of chaos.

Superman fast forwards in time to Andy Lee Graham in March 11, 2020.

Superman ask,

?Who are you??

Andy replies,

?I am the bulletproof version of Andy Lee Graham.?

?How does a loser turn into a winner? It?s a miracle.?

Well Superman, it is like this, I first started out, by vowing to say no to everyone. When first sober I lived in an attic for free, offered to me by a loving man, who I can never repay. At first, for months, I could not trust myself, so I said no, and no, and no again, and again, when anyone asked me to do something, I said no, until I was able to say no with ease. It was not important if they liked me, hated me, I need to like myself, I needed to do something correct.

Then one day, I said only one yes, and came hell, or high water, I promised to myself, and the good Gods, this would not be a lie, I would do exactly what I said, I would be a man who said what he is going to do, and do it.

Well time passed, I became more trusted, but even though my life was becoming better, I needed to pay a legitimate debt to my fellow man. They put me on house arrest for one year, they took away my drivers license for 10 years, I was forced to live with humiliation, the constant reminder that I was a loser, that I screwed up. Trust me Superman, I wanted to be like you, but, well, driving mopeds around in snowstorms is a great way to feel helpless.

I dug myself out of a hole, that was so deep, that only a lot of meetings, a lot of prayers, my 100 percent belief was,

?If I hung around with the winners, I would become a winner.?

Life went on, and each day I gave more toxic losers the boot, learned to identify them, smell their signals, I learned, accepted, knew that when a loser came into my life, they wanted to bring me down to their level; life is rather easy, it is the people in my life, that either make me, or break me.

People think that money, house, and car are success; in reality, the winners, the happy ones are the people who have no headache in their lives. I truly don?t like listening to friends talking about their ex-wives, or women talking about their ex-husbands; I want to scream, you are the problem, and so is your ex, you deserve each other?.LEARN TO SAY NO

Superman, you are a problem solver, you are the person that says, Evil stop, evil is not a car, success is no car, success is learning to not invite the crazies to dinner. 

I have a dream.

People have 2-5 years of savings, they can lose their jobs for 5 years, and life is good

People don?t use credit cards, it is like the money lenders Jesus gave the boot from the temples.

People have time, I want them to be millionaires in time to spend with friends, to be rich in time, friends, and live a good life, to be trusted.

Superman, the Hobo is a funny little person, who sort of took off, and left all the crap behind, lived one day at a time, did not get hooked into relationships of misery, learned that not having stuff, is freedom, the more stuff, the less freedom. But, the word is for fun, life is good, people are not even free enough, there minds are often trapped. A hobo is fun, while often people are too busy to have fun; we are entible to a good life, if we are a good person.

Superman, I can call up a person on the telephone, I have not talk with, for 4 years and they say,

?I am busy, can you call me back??

I think this person is toxic, just say no Andy, a person who does not have time for friends, famly, and a conversation is a lost soul. We can find love in people, or not...

I want people to have a me moment, my dream is, just like me walking down the road, looking at the sunrise, and saying to myself,

?Andy, work, work, pay any price to never go back to that life.?

33 years of work, am I bulletproof, same as you Superman. I spend my days writing, talking, inventing, I love to write, and invent. Nothing better than a converation with friends.

I often think people enjoy saying they work at a job they hate, they want sympathy, I don?t listen, I know how enabling works, by listening to their crap, they will live for another day of their crap.

Life is good Superman, thanks for being my hero.

Superman, I will stand on your shoulders, this is my dream for all humanity that we all want to be superman, or superwoman, and fight against the crazies, lead the world to a better place where work is for fun.

I am free, I want people free from want, worry, and weird beliefs, like money makes people happy, the more people have, the more they worry.

Keep life simple, separate your needs, from your wants.

Andy Lee Graham as the USA economy implodes, and I am bulletproof.

Coronavirus is about fortitude

March 17, 2020

Panajachel, Guatemala

80 dollars per month room.

Lake Atitlan

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Hobos can be superman

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