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Andy Lee Graham is an Inventor - About

Want to know who you are? Do you want to know your hobbies? Simple, stop working 9-5 and give yourself enough time, what you do all day is who you are...

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 21:59:45

I am Andy Lee Graham, founder of HoboTraveler.com and 100 plus sites, all part of the Hobo Travel Community.

This is an "About," page, to help you understand the site(s) etc. and the people

"This page is a frustration, the life of an inventor, same as I see myself."
"Be warned."
- Andy Lee Graham 

My life is free of distractions, and what the hell does that mean? It means, very few people knock on my door, call me on the telephone or interrupt me when I am thinking.

Instrutables andy

Instructables profile for Andy Lee Graham - HoboTraveler

Why? Go figure, today I am in Kara, Togo West Africa, I ran far enough away from home to escape all the never-ending distractions inside the USA.
(I escaped the USA 15 years ago.)

Almost nobody can force me to listen to them, with a few exceptions:
- Mom, Dad, Andrew my partner, and a few stray women who do actually knock on my door. I am not married, but that is whole other story, I am something of a rogue.

I took off traveling, or maybe I escaped, whatever the reasons, whatever my motivations, at the end of the day what my mind needed was space. I needed the free time to think, so I could invent object, ideas, thoughts, etc,
“I enjoy solving problems.”

As of March 1, 2013, I have travel for 15 years, and visited 90 countries. That is is 15 year of no distractions and a mind that is not idle.

This lifestyle has allowed me to answer the question,
“What do you do, when you have nothing to do?”

Or, the more important question, is what will you do my friend, what do you do when you are not working? Will you work 30 years of your life, the retire with no hobbied, no passion, no reason to live? Is your only reason to live your work? Or your family, or am I just lising out the distractions in life.

When the mind is free of distractions, we stop the reactions to life and our actions tell the story of us, who we are…
Watch how I act all day, do not listen to me, what I do is who I am, what I say, is who I want to be. STOP - What I do is who I am, no more, no less.

Thomas Edison LIght bulb


I am going to explain what I did yesterday, it is a typical day for me, but the stakes were higher, I was working on a new muse, a new invention, and on this one is worth doing.

Andy Graham thomas edison

Look at that photo, I had a frustrating day, I feel like the look on his face.

It was one of the best days of my life.

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."
- Thomas Edison 

The Meaning is:
"Genius is largely the result of hard work, rather than an inspired flash of insight."  Phrases.org.uk

Ok, so I woke yesterday, and studied French, wrote about it, posted it on the Blog, and went to breakfast. No, I did not go to breakfast, I was obsessed, distracted in a good way, I keep thinking about my "Bird Cage."

Somwhere during the melee of thoughts, I posted one of my inventions, or novel ways of looking at a problem, with a solution onto Instructables.com.

But, my brain refuses to seize up and stop, it is a rambling train driving at a wall, it is really out of control yesterday.

The Problem on my Mind? And an Invention Solution...

Malaria, or Paludisme here in Francophone Kara, Togo West Africa.

This is the killer.

What the hell is the solution to Malaria? A good one could save millions of lives, and this Malaria things is personal, I had Malaria a couple of years ago in Lome, Togo, easy to stop, curable, then why doesn't the world stop Malaria?

I mean, I was scared of Malaria, until I had it, and learned how stupidily easy it was to cure from my body.

In the 20 days I have been in Kara, Togo, I have heard these comments:

Nicole says she had Malaria. (Togo girl.)
Bienvenue said, I have Malaria. (Togo girl.)

Yes, when I am Togo, i hear many stories of people who say they have Malaria, or "Palud" (Pah - LEW) as they say here, it is short French, I think.

Ok, I was tested at the lab in Lome, I am 100 percent sure I had it, and maybe I had it also Niger, but who knows, I was not test, just the cure that time.

Serum or Pills is the cure, prevention is not getting bit my mosquitoes.

I am hanging out in Kara, Togo West Africa, which is infested with two aspects of life.

1. Beautiful Togolese girls, with big smiles.

2. People who say they have Malaria.

Steal this idea

I am trying to make that thing above. (Read Instructables.com )

It is my belief, that innovative ideas, with very little money can stop malaria on planet earth. The solution is to do many things at the same time.

There are 2100 Languages in Africa (Wiki)

And... I am angry at the Non Governmental Organizations, USA AID, Doctors without Medicines, and all the others save the world, get nothing done groups, and do not forget Peace Corps.

The NGO"s throw money around like water, and drown in their own lack of empathy."


People in Kara, Togo do NOT speak French, their first language is Kabye, maybe Cotocoli, and if you push, Ewe.

sida sign

Putting up a signs in French is lack of empanthy, the sign is good, and it works for about 10 percent of the people.

lab sign

The solution to Malaria is alway known, the problem is how to tell people, then how to get the 7 dollars into the hands of a mother with a baby who is dying from Malaria.

A woman with a small baby tied to her back is forced to know what that sign says.

Pay in advance, of no lab test!

I hope you are frustated, this is why I call myself an inventor, and nothing frustrated an inventor more than watching simple problems not being solved.

1 dollar, 500 CFA for the test, and 6 dollars for the cure, and one less baby dies.

Andy Graham Inventor

This sign says, you must pay in advance for lab test.
Birdhouse Advertising
Frustration about thinking about unsolved problems.
Frustrated Thomas Edison, an inventor.
I posted one of my travel inventions onto Instructables.com in April of 2013, it was my first posting, a photography tripod.

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