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12 Years In Business Begins Third Generation - About

On January 1, 2012 completed 12 years as travel site, on March 1, Andy Graham will have traveled perpetually for 14 years.

Sat, 8 Oct 2011 03:54:29

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I am sitting here in Panajachel, Guatemala wondering what is happening with, not perfectly clear about the future. has become one of the largest Travel Sites in the USA, while generally readers only see it a personal Travel Blog, it is 10 times more. I have traveled now for 13 years and about 10 months, the whole site or sites were done as a world traveler and a Travel Writers.

First Generation: This was from about 2000 until maybe 2005, for the first few years the site was just a newsletter, and I only earned about 300 USD per month. It was in the days when all the readers were nice, kind, and excited to read missives from all over the planet, there was no Blogs at this time. This was the golden days for an Internet writer, the world was new.

Second Generation: I feel this started in 2005 when I earned my first five dollars from Google Adsense at my control panel in Bangkok, Thailand and I knew I had a way to monetize the sites. For the next few years I became a rich man, the money was easy,  and life was easy, making money was simple. However, the Internet has become a place where everyone and anyone writes, everyone is an expert and we must allow them a voice. I am not sure this is best, but we know we must become editors, allow the world to talk.

2012 We begin the Third Generation of this Business - We go under the D.B.A. as, this in reality now encompasses another large domain called, the Encyclopedia of Travel Rooms, while is more or less a Travel Blog and a directory of Travel Tip Topics.

In the last few weeks of August, September and October of 2011 we have purchased over 50 new domains, and will soon purchase at least another 50 in the next few months. Andrew, the coder and partner has created an innovative and brilliant content management system.

Write Articles

I am writing as a Historian of our sites. What is new about the Third Generation of For the last 12 year, I have been the main writer, the only voice of However, there will soon be a way or link at the top of all pages for all members to write. New member to any of the sites below automatically become members to all the domains listed below. This in turn enables them to write an article and submit for editorial review. These new articles will be available to 10's of 1000's of readers.

Articles Written on Hobo

When a writer on any Expat Portal site managed by, it will eventually work its way into our group e-mail and be on the main Blog link to

That is the story as of October, 2011, however, I am quite sure many reader are confused and even angry. We have lost many readers because they are now capable of reading everything I write, and not just what I write about as a Travelogue, this causes confusion. However, we are getting new members at a rate of about 12 per day, and we have started to grow in a different direction, truly more is not always better for readers, but it necessary.

Traveler Community Formed
We are creating the Travel Community. readers can join the site, this is with the goal of declaring independence from any search engine, or social network, to become a completely independent Internet site, that grows by word of month, and not because of organic search traffic.

Generally, the sites below are connecting a book I am writing, and the 100 best places for people to live as expatriates or foreigners abroad. These sites are portals allowing reader to only read about one destination, with the hope of simplifying their live, however, also allowing them to travel to other expat colonies without being confused.

Thanks, Andy Graham in Panajachel, Guatemala October, 2011


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12 Years In Business Hobotraveler Com Begins Third Generation