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NEW - You Can Follow Andy's Older, Cheeky Blog Style

NEW - Remember when I first started writing? Life was good, and my writing style was poignant, pounding and terse. Follow "Gadget" on wall I am BACK

Sun, 11 Aug 2013 05:07:44

The "Andy the HoboTraveler.com travel blog" is a business. There is no way to avoid this; we must make money. We had to develop a "travel article" format to stay in business because this is what the average tourist wants.

But are you "average"...?

Andy's is BACK with his old, in-your-face style.

Andy Lee Graham Profile

First, foremost and always, I am a world traveler. Travel is more important to me than writing, working or eating; it is the rush in life that keeps me alive; it is my addiction; it is who I am.

I created HoboTraveler.com for one reason: to make enough money to continue traveling.

Fifteen years later, I am still out and about the planet and will never stop traveling.

I loved writing a daily travelogue, my daily log of what I am doing, with all my views unedited, my take-them-or-leave-them comments.

It was fun to say, "I am in the BKK, Bangkok Airport, in no man land, waiting for my plane to leave, stopped at the Dairy Queen there and had a Pecan Cluster Blizzard. Life is GOOD!"

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Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham in

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