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Why You've Kept Traveling 16 Years When Most Travel A Few Then Quit? - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Tristan, a Friend, and Traveler asked, Why You've Kept Traveling 16 Years When Most Travel a Few Then Quit? About Andy Graham The HoboTraveler.com

Sat, 15 Nov 2014 00:08:28

Andy Lee Graham

Why starting was important?
1. I did not start in Europe.

2. I was tired when I started, I wanted to do nothing.
3. I started with the travelers huddle.
4. I chose a place that was unbelievably cheap; I fell in love with the easy life.
5. When you have lived in paradise, you know it exist.

Love and Friend and Family
1. I know I am searching for love, in all the right places, not in all the wrong places.

2. I know friends are everywhere.
3. I know that family is important.

What I learned?
1. People that do something are not as happy as people who do nothing.

2. It takes a lot of money, time, and work to protect.
3. My plan, I gotta do nothing today.
4. Minimalism versus Consumerism
5. Don’t accidentally get involved with people who I need to command, and take control.
6. Friends don’t attack you.
7. Learn from others peoples mistakes, not mine.
8. Talking to NEW people keeps me young.

Who I was?
1. I can fix anything, or invent anything; I do not just accept bad situations.

2. I knew how to finish something.
3. Already was the master at real estate, and construction.
4. Not addicted to planning, make decision with 10 percent of information.
5. I know what I like, and refuse to do other.
6. I optimize, I can live with a maybe, and I do not need 100 percent.
7. Not a strain on my brain to organize to travel.
8. Not afraid of new things.
9. I did not give up the hope of having a wife.
10. I don’t panic, and I am not power hungry.
11. I am not in love with food, or a clean bed.
12. I really do not care what you think of me.
13. I have the ability to make a gut decision that is always right.
14. I am not concerned with losing money.
15. I know I need friends. And girls around.
16. I do not drink.
17. I am physically strong.

1. Mother and father, and I do not deny I love them.

2. 20 people that would loan me 500 dollars.

1. It is all about the money.

2. I am always thinking about saving money, not about earning money.
3. When not saving, I am thinking about earning.

What I do?
1. I make a plan, and when it becomes a bad plan, I stop. When I am not having fun, I do not pretend to make people happy. I do something else. You see travel bloggers trying to make people happy.

2. I have a project.
3. Prime directive
4. 16 years of good decision, I am the skipper.
5. I make good decisions on what I can do; I don’t accidentally make wrong ones and sail out.
6. I never get pressured to make a decision that is bad.
7. I am self entertaining.
8. Learn from mistakes, don’ buy round trip tickets.

What I did not do?
1. Fall in love with things, and need to protect them.

2. I did not marry, and make babies.
3. I don’t travel with people who fight bosses, I am the boss. The buck has always stopped with me, 30 years of self-employment.

What OTHERS cannot do?
1. You cannot lose money, you want a 100 percent good decision. You think all or nothing, 1-0, on, off, no levels of grey.

2. Going solo off the Grid.
3. No Romance in my Travel, just down to earth
4. You are controlled by others.
5. 30 years of self-employment.
6. Leave familiar things, they need routine.
7. No able to self-entertain.
8. Trying to make people happy, travel bloggers do this, as if one day, all their readers are going to love them.

Photo take in 2014 in Kara, Togo.

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