Video Explaining Why Andy Graham is the Most Experienced Digital Nomad on Planet Earth

Digital Nomad with USB Wireless Modems

Video explaining why Andy Graham is "The Most Experienced Digital Nomad on Planet Earth. 14 years experience, 90 countries, running a business remotely by mobile office techies, and inventing gear when needed.


Nice tripod Andy! you can also use it as a teepee for when it rains if you get some Canvas!
In Milan today (it's cold!) tomorrow: touchdown in Morocco.

Page Turner

Each of us leaves a thumbprint on the world, a record that we were here and who we were and what we did.Your only choice is what kind of thumbprint you leave. Sidney B Simon


Well, Andy Graham has proved to be one of the most talented men of our times. I read this report with quite amusement that he has been steering his business from his digital devices while travelling throughout the planet.

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