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Spirit Airlines Negligent Actions Causes Economic And Emotional Damages January 16, 2015 To Andy Lee Graham

Spirit Airlines Negligent Actions Causes Economic And Emotional Damages January 16 2015 To Andy Lee Graham - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Tue, 20 Jan 2015 04:13:41

I, Andy Lee Graham release all copyrights to this page created January 20, 2015, it can be freely copied, duplicated, or distributed.
Andy Lee Graham
USA 260-624-4414

Soon to record a video of "Mom Graham" explained the story.

Hello United States of America.

I was detained for being suspected of casing the plane making a video preparing to make a terrorist attack. Which my mother being on the same ticket would have included her as an associate.

"If the airport police did proper investigative research prior to landing of a suspected terrorist, they would have known I was a travel writer making videos."
- If they did the proper investigation, then their sole goal was to harass me.

"If when the pilot called in to say there was a person they suspected of casing the plane for a terrorist attack, and they did not do their proper investigation, then they endangered the plane by not doing proper investigate research."
- The only goal of Spirit Air and the Fort Lauderdale Aiport was to  harass me, Andy Lee Graham.

I am Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana age 59, born in the Angola, Indiana.
Sharry Graham age 81.

9545 West 120  
Number 26
Orland, Indiana 46776-0026

I do not live at this address; it is just the one I use for taxes.

January 21, 2015
I am hereby making this video and publishing page on HoboTraveler.com Travel Blog as constructive notice to Spirit Airlines, Fort Lauderdale Airport, and Broward County negligent actions caused me, and my mother irreparable emotional, mental, and economic damages. As a law abiding, American citizen, I was abused, my good name is slandered, and my business HoboTraveler.com is damaged.

Spirit Airlines and the Fort Lauderdale Airport detained us sole to harass, abuse, and punish me for the legal action of recording videos on the plane, my freedom of speech. There was zero reason to detain me at the gate other than to abuse.

December 21, 2014: Purchased 2 tickets online

I, Andy Lee Graham logged into my Expedia.com account, and purchased two one-way plane tickets from Chicago, O’Hare Airport to Guatemala City airport in the name of Andy Lee Graham, and Sharry Lee Graham paying with my debit card for both people as a joint ticket.

January 14, 2015: Added 3 bags, and requested wheelchair assistance.

I, Andy Lee Graham logged into SpiritAir.com site, and added, and paid for three bags. One bag for Andy Lee Graham, and two bags for Sharry Graham


January 15, 2015: Attempted to check in, added our two passport numbers, names to boarding pass, but it failed to print.

Logged into SpiritAir.com attempting to print a boarding pass, added the passport numbers of both Andy Lee Graham, and Sharry Lee Graham to the databases of Spirit Airlines. The page warned I would pay 10 dollars at the gate, but printing a boarding pass did not work without clear explanation.

ADDED Wheelchair Assistance to ticket.

At this time, I checked a box requesting wheelchair assistance. I was happy then to see that wheelchair assistance appeared on the plane ticket being neither me, nor my mother understood the system. My mother has two knees replaced, and is overweight; she cannot climb steps with elevation than more than about eight inches, and especially when there is no rail. Carrying our three check bags, and two carry on bags is impossible while in a wheelchair. She has feminine problems I do not understand, and needs copious numbers of pads.

January 15, 2015



BOOKING DATE Friday, December 26, 2014


Chicago, IL - O'Hare     5:30 AM     03 h 08 min
Fort Lauderdale, FL     9:38 AM     

409     3     

Change Aircraft

Fort Lauderdale, FL     10:38 AM     02 h 52 min
Guatemala City, Guatemala     12:30 PM     

243     4     

Customer Information


ANDY GRAHAM     None     148737680
SHARRY GRAHAM     Wheelchair – To/From Gate

ANDY GRAHAM   0    1

 -     |     -
-     |     -

Contact Information

9545 West 120 No 26
Orland, IN 46776     260-624-4414
United States of America

Purchase Price
Flight Price     $417.98
Base Fare     $228.40
- Flight     $168.42 -
- Unintended Consequences of DOT Regulations     $4.00
- Passenger Usage Fee     $35.98 -
- Exchange Fee     $20.00 -
Fuel     $189.58
Bags     $100.00
Government's Cut     $64.20
US-International Departure Tax     $35.00
Security Fee     $11.20
Passenger Facility Fee     $18.00
Total     $582.18

January 16, 2015
Left Candlewood Suites, O’Hare approximately 3:30 AM.

Checked in for Spirit Air flight number 409.

Ran bags through TSA.

Then went to wait for wheelchair to come and take us to gate.


Mom walks into cabin with cane; I asked the stewardess if they are going to feed us. She says yes, I can have Pringle, etc. I stopped, that is the stuff we need to pay for, that is not feeding us. I said to her, you have pretty blue eyes. I follow my mother to the seat, I sit in middle, and she sits on aisle.

6C 6B?

We sit down, the stewardess with blue eyes tells my mother she cannot have the cane below the seat, and put it above us in the compartment.

We heard announcing that we were delay because of person not showing for work. The pilot told the time of flight, which was not what was on the printed sheet.

Approximately 2 hour into 3 hour flight:

Mom Graham woke up, I held up the camera and made a 360 video of the interior of the cabin so as to show our trip, ending the video on my mother, where I was happy to hear her say, “Hola.”

While taking the video I saw the stewardess go into hiding behind the side panel. I put down the camera, and decided this annoyed her, so stopped recordings. I then saw what I thought was the pilot come out of the cabin, which is highly unusual; they do not walk around once the plane is in flight. I thought to myself, this woman is needed to talk, she is not stable.

No person every came, discussed the

I made one more video trying to show the flight landing, and hear it pointing my camera out the window.

We hear one announcement we are 25 minutes out.

We hear a contradictory about 20 minutes later saying we will land in 15 minutes. The times the pilot said for the flight, and the time the ticket said for the duration were different, very unusual for pilots.

Two times the pilot error on times, first on stating the total time of the flight. And secondly on how long before the plane touched down.

5-10 minutes before landing, we are told that anyone needing wheelchair assistance must wait until all other passengers deboard.

We wait at the whole plane deboarded; I see two, maybe three policemen standing in front of the pilot’s door talking with girl stewardess with blue eyes.

I said to Mom, they are coming for me, please do not be afraid.

The policeman comes up to me, does not identify himself and says,
“Why are you taking photos of plane?”
I replied,
“I am a travel writer.”
He asked,
“Where is my journalism identification?”
I handed him a business card.
I said,
“I am just filming my mother.”

He said,
“The stewardess here claims you are filming the cabin, taking videos of the pilot.”
I said,
“I never took videos of the pilot.”
He said,
“She says you did.”
I said,
“That is a lie.”

I thought to myself, “Pilots never come out; it would take an act of God to film a pilot.”
But he is right, the pilot did come out after I put the camera down, which is really stupid is she thought I was dangerous.

Cop asked for my identification, I gave him my passport. He seemed disgusted, did not want to reach in pants with three cops standing at door for my Drivers License in my secret pockets, I have been around police, this is a dangerous move.

He again asked for my identification, I said, you have my passport, and my business card. I say again, it is on the card, along with telephone number. All of this stuff he had, and he keeps asking. He did not ask for my drivers license, he asked for my identification, which on a plane is a passport in my world, and a country drivers licenses is worthless, I am flying international, all of which I thought he knew.

My Mother is behind me, she is standing there with a crutch, and the policeman instructed me to follow him. I said that I could not abandon my mother, she is in a wheelchair, and we have three bags.

I have on my camera bag, computer bag with an American flag on it, and an American flag scarf tied on the hand grip.

I asked the policeman,
“Is it against the law to take photos on a plane?”
He replies,

He says to follow; I refuse, and walk my mother with the man out of the plane. He again wants me to abandon my mother, telling me to send her onto the gate. I again refuse, saying she is 81 years old, in a wheelchair, from a town of 400 people in Indiana.

She is on the same ticket.

He walks ahead, way to fast for me and my mother, we almost lose him, he is oblivious, and he is unaware of the situation. There are two police, me, and my mother, and we are scattered all over the hallway.

The take me to a check point, I talk to the man pushing my mother, he is assures me he will be just outside and points where he will stand.

They make a copy of my passport, and my business card, but never asked for driver’s license. We stand around; I go and sit down knowing police do not like people standing there.

Donald Randolfo, the abusive policeman came over, and asked me what type of camera I had. I open my bag, bring out my camera, and start looking through them. It is a small Canon S50.

I keep trying to understand, if they claim I am taking photos to prepare to for a terrorist attack, and then why not look at the camera.

I asked, can I return to my Mother, another man, obvious much more competent, not in a uniform comes out, pretty much dismisses the instance in two seconds.

I again say, I need to be with my Mother, she is in a wheelchair, and we are going to Guatemala.

After 15-30 minutes, the two policemen take me out my mother; she is with a nice black man pushing the chair. I was worried, as I did know if he spoke good English, as he did not appear to be native born American.

We only have one hour between flights, so I am anxious to get onto the gate. They say, they must run my name.
I am sitting here, as they provoke, insinuate I am a criminal, and talk insulting in front of my mother, as if I should know their procedures and accept the abusive behavior of Donald Randolfo, the talk cop, bald was more or less good, but was not leading the provoking abuse.

They said, did you commit a crime in Broward County. I replied no, but something is coming in, I said, I was with Maggie, I think we got a parking ticket, or something like that.

He says,
“There is warrant for your arrest, it is a 50 dollar bond. “  I am thinking that is bail, not bond.

The two assist me, I take all my money out of my secret pocket, give mom my passport, and keep my drivers license and debit card. He wants me to keep my cell phone, which caused me way too many problems.

We went into a room, full of baggage, they set up a computer, and my mother was deserted from me, I had no idea where they took her.

I called my sister, Kandi Ross, who works in the Fort Wayne Prosecutors office. Wanting her to somehow know that mom is in the airport.

Office Donald Randolfo says, you are a criminal, and you need to go to jail. I said, I am not going to feel guilty, this was 34 years ago, and I could not even remember, you say it is for not having ID, I cannot even remember.

All the police continually assumed my Mother had a cell phone on her, even though I keep telling them she had no way to communicate with anyone. They refused to allow me to sit with my mother, help her to prepare, or organize. They never once search for justice; they only provoked, abused, and try to see if I would get angry enough to fight them.

The more stupid it became, the more obvious that it became that they was with a law abiding American citizen, the more mocking, and provoking they became. Trying to get me commit an act of violence, to resist arrest, or start screaming at them.

The police all were laughing, this was for not having Identification on me in 1980, and they kept saying, they had to find it on the micro fiche, I was the brunt of every persons jokes, then proceed to further when I arrived at the Broward county jail. The officers, staff reveled in the fact that this was 34 years ago.

I said, this is not funny, this is abusive, and you are forcing an 81 year old lady to be afraid, alone, in an airport, sitting in a wheelchair.

They kept saying we are just doing our job, which was to access a terrorist attack situation first. Which they never did, never intended to do, they always knew I was not casing the plane.

I was detained for being suspected of casing the plane to make a terrorist attack.


The pretty stewadess with blue eyes swayed the pilot, and the policeman to violoate my rights, which they did so to appease her, and they allowed the abuse to escalate.

The pilot obviously called ahead at least one hour before we landed to have me met at gate. The police had my passport numbers prior, my plane ticket prior, and my full name. Any, normal person with a smart phone could have discovered I was a travel writer by searching for my name Andy Lee Graham in seconds.

They should have known everything about me when I landed, and they would have been prepared for the worst. So if they knew everything about me, and they still came, they just did so to abuse me.

If they did not know, and they met me on the gate, then they endangered the whole plane. I had on a vest full of stuff; it could have been a suicide bomb. I looked a little like a suicide bomber with my travelers vest. They should have been finding our three bags, talking to my mother, and searching our bodies.

They never searched my body.


My ability as an American citizen, working as a travel writers as HoboTraveler.com has been slandered, my passport is they have caused my passport be slandered, I believe that every time I enter the USA, or any country I may be detained, and questioned and possible refused entry.

Spirit Air negligently declared that passenger Andy Lee Graham traveling with Sharry Lee Graham on joint ticket were suspected of terrorist actions. That I was filming the aircraft to perform a terrorist action. Any human on the earth, with just smart phone could have investigated me, Andy Lee Graham and known these actions were not warranted. The failure of the pilot, the stewardess, and all employees was negligent. They had access to my joint ticket, passport information as well as Internet, police, etc, every possible way of knowing my status.

The Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport security police then negligently investigated on the ground prior to the planes landing.

The combined negligence of Spirit Airlines and the Fort Lauderdale Airport has caused me gross economic, emotional and problems to live as a free man. I will live the rest of my life in fear of being detained at all world airports.

The Fort Launderdale Airport authorities then negligently endangered  my 81 year old mother Sharry Graham physically forcing me to abandon her in the airport with no way to communicate in a wheel chair.

Fort Lauderdale Airport and Spirit Air also failed to remove a bag off the airlines that as suspected could have been a bomb.

Dangerous Activities:

Pilot came out after the stewardess hid.
Bag went on.
Police did not inspect the video.
I was allowed to delete the video.

Questions for Mom:

Who paid for the plane tickets?

How many bags check bags did you have?

How many checked bags did I have?

How many bags did you carry on?

How many bags did I carry on?

What was Andy wearing that day?

Please describe his clothing, and the bag?

What is the nature of your handicap?

Did I video record you on the plane?

At what time was this in the flight?

How did the video end?

Did the airplane staff warn, discuss, or ask any questions about the me making videos?

Did the police look at the video?




Spirit Airlines abuses Andy Lee Graham and Mother Sharry Graham.

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