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This is my page, a collection of words, advice, quotes that have rang in my ears, resonated in my brain, have moved my life forward all my life. Thanks

Words that have changed my life, words I never forget:

Thank you Andy Lee Graham

"Your opinions are of proprietary value, do not give them away for free."
James Norris, Building Commissioner of Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Women will always be angry with you, you are uncontrollable."
--- Jame Suelzer - Owner of Real Estate Title company in Fort Wayne, Indiana

When you are around a depressed person, you become depressed, when you are around a happy person, you become happy. The goal is to help a depressed person to become happy, and join in the happiness of a happy person.

Never take advice from a person who can make money by giving you bad advice.

"Buster, how do I make a million dollars?"
"Each of them cows out there work for me, when one makes me money, I keep it, when one makes me lose money, I sell it."
--- Emery Spade, nicknamed Buster

It is beyond the power of well man nowadays to pick up his bed and walk.

Whether I shall be the hero of my life, or that station held by anyone else, these pages will tell.

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