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Mom Graham Explains Why Andy Graham Travels

January 25, 2014, and my mother explains in one paragraph why I do not live in Indiana during the winter, and it has nothing do with global warming. hehe

Sat, 25 Jan 2014 03:07:32

My mother wrote me an e-mail

Snow storm

Subject: Mom on Blog

Hi Andy, I have stories for your blog about why you do not live in Indiana in winter. No school in Ft Wayne and lots of places yesterday, Friday, Jan 24th because it was 20 below 0. If your face freezes in 10 minutes outdoors kids cannot stand and wait for bus and if bus broke down very serious plus some kids walk to school. Got up at 12:30 and looked out this morning and it was blowing but ok. Got up at 2:24 and snow had blown high in front of all doors and could not open them. Well, I finally with help of broom managed to get door open enough to pry shovel loose side of door. I shoveled a pile of snow that is high as my waist in the middle of back porch  and to get dad out if necessary and after that shoveled so we can get in laundry room door. Gotta watch it real close because it just keeps blowing. Dinning room window pretty much covered now too. BUT STRANGE, the driveway along side is still ok. Don't know how cold it is because the thermometer broke the other day and I have to rely on TV and what friends put on FB. Be happy you are where it is warm. Shortage of propane and natural gas and price went up 28% and oil went up 6 %. I am using a electric heater and oven to keep the house comfortable for your dad. We just got another $787.00 worth of oil. I hope it lasts a month. I imagine this will make the kids go to school half the summer. BE HAPPY YOU ARE NOT HERE. love prayers mom dad

My mother sometimes says,
"I do not understand global warming."

There are real problems.

Thanks Mom and Dad,

Love Andy in Natitingou, Benin West Africa about 93 degrees. 

snow storm

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