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Is 2014 the USA Love It or Leave It Tipping Point?

I believe I will be forced to leave the USA in 2014. It is becoming tempting to emigrate to Canada or Europe.

I want to love the USA, I want to be an American, and I will forever be grateful to the USA for my American passport. And as best I can tell, I will be exempt from the “forced-to-buy-health-insurance” plan in 2014 ... yet this is still scary stuff.

usa love it or leave it

I believe it is prudent to make plans on how to technically reside in another country for tax purposes. However, I am not going to apply for residency in another country, which is tantamount to putting my name on their tax-collection rolls.

I am making plans to become a man who does not need the USA, which is sadly the tipping point. I have always made plans to stay American, and now I am on the downward slope and making plans to not be American.

It is a sad day. ... “It is time to get the hell out of Dodge.”


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