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Information on Andy Going to Africa Soon 2013

I do not want my friend Clementine to accidentally, needlessly die from a mosquito bite, so I return to Kara, Togo, West Africa Oct. 15 to stop malaria.

Wed, 25 Sep 2013 02:11:54

People who know me well know that in many ways, I am an arrogant jerk. I know this, and when someone calls me an asshole, I say, because I accept that I am far from perfect, "Please be more specific. Which particular aspect of me is an asshole? You do not like my confidence, asking too many questions, or me talking too much? Or that your girlfriend keeps flirting with me?"

The bottom line is: I do not suffer fools well.

I have the great life I have because I do not accept doing foolish stuff, and I expect my friend to rise up. I am not going down. ...

Clementine Africa Malaria

Children and dogs love me, and that is good enough for me. Big people normally cannot handle me for longer than 10 minutes. I am like a machinegun firing confusion at them.

What Is the Value of Andy Being an Arrogant Jerk?

I do not take no for an answer. And yes, I know few American have time for African babies. It makes sense. They are too busy and have their own problems. But I do have time, and I can stop babies from dying.

How Can I Stop Babies From Dying From Malaria?

I could go to the main Chinese hospital (NOT American, go figure) in Kara, Togo, and sit outside the laboratory that tests blood for malaria, talk with the lab people and the doctors, saying, "Tell me when one of these people does not have the money to pay for the malaria cure."

Then I would stand up, walk over, and buy the medicine, somewhere around 8-20 USD.

I can save a baby for 8 USD; that is cost of a baby.

Now, that would make me feel good today.

It’s not fun, rather boring, and truly gains no appreciation whatsoever from the African people, but the action is the reward, not the appreciation.

But I do not work for appreciation; I work for things that need doing.

Well, the bottom line is this: Andy Lee Graham, a jerk farm boy from Orland, Indiana, is going back to Kara, Togo, and staying until he eliminates malaria from the city.

It is my belief that if one city becomes a no-malaria zone, the no-malaria zones can spread.

The nongovernmental agencies, NGOs, just act like a miracle from God is going to happen someday and accept loss in the meantime. Their staff members do not seem to approach this issue like a business, like professionals who are going to get the job done.

There are about 13 cures for malaria, and it was stopped in certain countries, such as the USA. It is a behavioral problem, not a medical problem.

Help me. I need brains, not money. I need people who can analyze a problem, stop talking, and implement solutions to help. 

Here is the page of problems to solve. It is work in progress, and we need people to walk around (or money to pay people to walk around) and solve these problems.

Go to the page below to learn more. I hope I have explained things clearly.

Einstein is reputed as having said that if he had only one hour to save the world, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.

We need to define the problems absolutely clearly and then we can chunk them down to simple, easy-to-solve problems that average humans can solve. And we do not need to keep acting as if some miracle from God will come down and solve it for us. 

Go here:  Malarianimby.org

Call me at +1 260-624-4414 to help.

If Clementine, my friend from Kara, Togo died from Malaria, or Paludisme in French, I would cry, maybe stop traveling.

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