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About Andy Lee Graham

Andy Lee Graham started traveling in March of 1998: he has perpetually traveled the planet for 23 years and 112 countries: He is founder of HoboTraveler.com

Fri, 6 Aug 2010 16:13:59

Andy Lee Graham is the longest perpetual traveler on the planet.
(Adhering to 3-Month Rule)

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Andy Lee Graham has traveled perpetually for 23 years and lived in 112 countries, with more to come. Read as he explains the wonders of the planet, writing daily about a life less normal.

"Ask Andy Show"
- YouTube Channel where answers questions about how to live the great life.

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Andy Lee Graham in kara togo

Andy Lee Graham, from Orland, Indiana USA, is Homeless; he does not own a home. He has lived abroad 20 plus years, and he continually moves.

Andy Lee Graham is an American "Extreme Adventure Traveler," travel writer, and photographer. Graham is CEO of a dot-com company, the location-independent HoboTraveler.com, a travel network of 100 live-abroad expatriate portals. Graham became a perpetual traveler in March, 1998, and has visited 112 countries so far.

Welcome Message:

I am Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana in the USA. I started travelling in March, 1998, and I live the good life, a life of luxury, on a Hobo Budget. I have now
 travelled perpetually for 18 years and visited 112 countries. I am grateful to the good Gods for allowing me this lifestyle, to live abroad and spend my days walking around looking at our beautiful planet.

I have written over 8000 commentaries about the world on this page.
There are over 20,000 photos.
There are over 3300 videos.

You can learn the truth about the world.
Daily Travel Writings by Andy Graham

Andy Graham Mission for Travel  - Hobotraveler.com Sites

I want to enjoy life, and everything that life offers.

I plan on wandering slowly around the whole world, with no plan on when and where I will be. I will collect topics, ideas, experiences, and friends, that will teach me what is important to travelers.

Always taking the time to enjoy my adventure, I will not allow time to rule, but will change the route or go slower if necessary to enjoy my discoveries.

I will make a "Hobo home on the internet" where all travelers, for free, can find information about traveling anywhere in the world; it will provide a forum for travelers to submit information.

There are many reasons why people travel and I encounter different types of travelers daily, with a big world of differences. HoboTraveler.com and other Hobo sites are your home for travel. I invite you!

This site is not for sale, it is for people to find some Hobo truth.

Thank You,
Your friend

Andy Graham a HoboTraveler.com

I am not "Crazy," I am a World Citizen, Independent of Work Location .

I am an endlessly curious person, and have the self-esteem to handle the world on the world's terms. I do not need a home, car, or daily routine to be happy. I can find reasonably priced places to live at lighting speed because of my travel skills, and live within my means in any city on the planet.

How Did Andy Graham Start to Travel?
I became homeless after a six-week Christmas trip to Acapulco, Mexico. While lying in a hammock I realized I never wanted to go back to my old life. Confused and excited, I returned to the USA, sold all my possessions and took off to visit new friends in other countries. What I didn't know at the time was that travel is an addiction: after six months, I knew I was hooked, and after two years, it was hopeless. 14 years later, I am still perpetually wandering the planet.

How Does Andy Lee Graham Earn Money?
1. Google Adsense
2. Travel Consulting, Expats and Off Grid Living
3. 2 book for sale
4. Trades

Current Activities

I travel the world 365 days per year, "Chronicling the real world" with photos, videos and daily missives about my journey on my Free Daily Travel Blog:

I write free travel reports, stories, photos, videos, and travel tips for readers, explaining the geopolitical and cultural differences of countries from the eyes of an Indiana Farm Boy. I funds my travel by revenue from Google Adsense.

Through HoboTraveler.com, I have Travel Blogged 8000 times, written 211 Newsletters, and uploaded over 20,000 photos and 2800 videos to the Internet.

I am homeless, but I have made a "Hobo Home on the Road," and live a "Life Less Normal," one of the few perpetual travelers on Planet Earth. Many people go live in other countries; however, few earn enough money to continuously travel. My rule is: "If you stay in one city longer than three months, you live there, you have stopped traveling."

Mass Grave

Extreme Adventure Travel Destinations visited by Andy Lee Graham
An extreme adventure travel destination is a location where the person could be killed; they do not conduct tours, the traveler goes alone.

2003 Iraq War, Mass Grave - Two months after end of heavy war.

2004 Rhinos Chitwan in Nepal Chasing Rhinos from Top of Elephants.

2006 Niger Famine Malnutrition Feeding Center with Children dying

2006 East Timor Civil War - Australia Soldiers

2009 Uncontacted Tribes Breu, Peru

2010 Haiti, Cite Soleil two weeks before Earthquake

2011 Cote d'Ivoire Election War

2006 Bantul, Indonesia Earthquake

2006 Coca, Ecuador River Canoe Trip to Iquitos, Peru after Border Opened

"Wanted: Tour Company Sponsors for Andy Lee Graham...Anywhere!."
(Afghanistan, Somalia, Darien Gap, etc.)
- Cost is Airfare plus 25 USD per day: Call USA *1-260-624-4414

Background of Andy Lee Graham
Graham was born in Angola, Indiana. He studied Philosophy, and Psychology at Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana. Graham is fluent in Spanish and French. Graham is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Licensed Real Estate Instructor. Graham was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has purchased over 60 pieces of real property. Graham is licensed to teach Real Estate in the State of Indiana.

HOBOTRAVELER.COM is a Budget Travel Website, with Andy Graham:
Awards and Accolades
Top 10 Travel Blogs, National Geographic Adventure TV
About.com Backpacker Blogs - Student Travel Blogroll
New York Times, Joe Sharkey
Forbes.com, Top 5 Travel Blogs
Guardian Newspaper United Kingdom
Frommers Budget Travel Top Travel Blog
Contrariantraveler.com Best Travel Blogs
- PLUS maybe another 100 other locations as "Top Travel Blog."
New York Times' Joe Sharkey says to watch the Hobotraveler.com blog, as does the London's Guardian Newspaper Blog Watch.
Featured on Yahoo Travel New Daily.

Philanthropy and Projects
- Malnutrition project in Niger and Benin, West Africa to dump vegetable seeds on village markets.

Why Andy Lee Graham is an "Expert Traveler."
1. He has only been robbed twice in 20 plus years, and only for petty things. The first time was by an Italian man on the ferry from Koh Samui to the mainland; the man saw Andy Graham put 40 USD in the top of a bag, and he stole it. The second time, he was pickpocketed on the subway in Madrid; the man got his USA passport and nothing else. If you poll long-term travelers you will find they have had many things stolen.

2. Andy Graham has never had a knife or gun pulled on him; even though he has been to some of the most dangerous locations on the planet, his situational awareness is so keen, he has never been affronted with a knife or gun.
(Well, close - someone robbed me with a broken bottle in 2011 in Luperon, Dominican Republic.)

3. Andy Graham has lived in 800-1400 Hotel rooms, and can always find a 10 USD room in any country.


HoboHideOut.com is a new Hotel site, recently launched with rooms in 6.5 million cities. 

Major Pages on Site of Note: -- These are special.
Mobile Office
Around the World Airfare
Adventure Travel

Andy Graham
Title: Blogger
Direct e-mail Address:  hoboontheroad   yahoo.com
Direct Phone: +1(206)624-4414 USA to Skype, Forwards Worldwide
Home Page: https://www.hobotraveler.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/hobotraveler
Facebook: Security Check Required
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hobotraveler/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/hoboontheroad/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andyofhobotraveler/  
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HoboTraveler
Other Social Media: HoboTraveler.com is a social media site for travel, click index of this page.


Beats: Travel


Profile: Andy Lee Graham is a Travel Blogger living outside USA for 20 plus years, in 112 countries. Focusing on advice, insight, recollection and other topics in the realm of World Travel. He is particularly interested in unique travel opportunities outside of the United States and Europe. Graham states.contacted via Email. [email protected]


Bio Information: Career:
Present-2000(Jan)-Present-Owner, HoboTraveler.com.

1975-1980-Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, USA.  Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.), Philosophy.

Volunteer Experience:
2016(Mar)-Live 1-3 months in Togo, West Africa Normal Home, Walk the Walk Volunteers.
Contact Information
Mailing Address:
Contact Days: Monday (X ) Tuesday ( X) Wednesday ( X) Thursday ( X) Friday (X ) Saturday ( X) Sunday (X )
Contact Times: 24 / 7 - I am world traveler, changes constantly
Contact Preference (rank 1 to 5: 1 being the best way to contact you)
E-Mail (1) Fax ( ) Mail ( ) Phone (2 ) SMS ( )

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

15 Years of Perpetual Travel by Andy Lee Graham - About Andy The HoboTraveler.com

About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

17 Years of Non-Stop Travel Celebrated March 1 2015 By Andy Lee Graham

March 1, 2015, I, Andy Lee Graham celebrate 17 years of non-stop world travel. A person without a permanent address, and no forwarding address.

A Video of Andy Graham Sitting in Hotel Room waking up to write for HoboTraveler.com and being a Writer

I Andy Graham Admit I am Addicted to Collecting Book Research Raw Data And I am Powerless to Stop.

About Andy Lee Graham

Andy Lee Graham started traveling in March of 1998: he has perpetually traveled the planet for 23 years and 112 countries: He is founder of HoboTraveler.com

Alaia Leighland Interviews Andy Graham on Radio

Listen to Alaia Leighland interview me, Andy Lee Graham, about the 90 countries I've visited in more than 15 years of perpetual travel.

Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com is Betazoid

It is emotionally painful to be around people, I was alcoholic from age 18 to 32, and with time I have learned to manage this pain. Andy Lee Graham 2013

Andy Graham Talks At University Of Kara Togo On Thanksgiving Holiday In America

I, Andy Lee Graham have been invited by Mr. Amin to explain to an English class at University of Kara, Togo, “Thanksgiving in America.” November 26, 2013.

Andy Lee Graham Is Searching for Lazy Friends

This is not a joke. Please contact me on Facebook if you are lazy. I need friends that have time to talk about ideas, inventions, research or Wikipedia.

Articles Written about Andy Graham

List of articles written about Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com

Barbara O'Neill Nutritionist Chosen by Andy Lee Graham

After reading, reading, and watching nutritionists for years, I have decided to follow the advice of Barbara O'Neill from Australia, mother of 8 children

Becoming Willing To Prove It Has Change My Life - About Andy Lee Graham

Our best friends trust us, and everyone needs proof we are trustworthy, we need to demonstrate, show them, give them proof by actions, not words.

Damn You Bill Gates For Changing My 30 Year Daily Routine - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

We do not like it when smart people prove we need to learn something from them, well today, I need to thank Bill Gate, and this was painful to admit.

Faith In This Africa Boy Is Faith - About Andy The Hobotraveler.Com

Yesterday, I trusted a 16 year old Togo boy with 200 USD, it was a good day.

I Am Ready! I Am Practicing How to Say Emily Compagno

Words and names are often difficult for me to say. But, if I want to be interviews by Emily Compagno, then I better practice saying her name correctly.

I Envy My Readers, I Want a Life Like Theirs

This is Andy Lee Graham, and I envy my readers. I want to have a wife, children and a big house in the suburbs.

I Was Confused On Month Of Year

About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

I, Andy Lee Graham, Apologize to Readers

I promise as of today, April 30, 2013, that I, me, Andy Lee Graham, will, to the best of my ability, be a softer, kinder, gentler Andy, so help me God.

Information on Andy Going to Africa Soon 2013

I do not want my friend Clementine to accidentally, needlessly die from a mosquito bite, so I return to Kara, Togo, West Africa Oct. 15 to stop malaria.

Is 2014 the USA Love It or Leave It Tipping Point?

I believe I will be forced to leave the USA in 2014. It is becoming tempting to emigrate to Canada or Europe.

List of Extreme Adventure Travel Destinations visited by Andy Lee Graham of HoboTraveler.com - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

List of "Extreme Adventure Travel" destinations visited by Andy Lee Graham as Blogger of HoboTraveler.com.

List of Software Used by Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com

This is a list of software used by Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com, he is a both a Travel Blogger and owner / manager of two large sites.

Losing the Love of My Father to Cancer

Losing the love of my father to cancer is going to hurt.

March 10 2020 Travel Is Evidence Of Living A Life Without Limits By Andy Lee Graham - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Because of continuous, never ending scrutiny or my life, endless time to think, the endless introspection, I have removed all limits, there is no longer any baggage, I have been set free from from constraints, the social contract has been redefined. Thanks the good Gods,

Mom Graham Explains Why Andy Graham Travels

January 25, 2014, and my mother explains in one paragraph why I do not live in Indiana during the winter, and it has nothing do with global warming. hehe

My 5 Lucky List Of Life Experiences Andy Graham - About Andy The Hobotraveler.com

About Andy Graham of Hobotraveler.com

My Parabolic Shift, The Way I Do Anything Is The Way I Do Everything, December 18, 2018

I accept December 18, 2018 that I am taking a new path, at age 63, I accept that I must wake every morning, and make my bed I will do everything to the best of my ability, no half measures.

My Purpose To Make The World A Better Place

This is self-evident, we are here to make the world a better place, we must be grateful. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

NEW - You Can Follow Andy's Older, Cheeky Blog Style

NEW - Remember when I first started writing? Life was good, and my writing style was poignant, pounding and terse. Follow "Gadget" on wall I am BACK

Quotes And Advice That Has Rang In My Ears All My Life By Andy Lee Graham Of Hobotraveler Com - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

This is my page, a collection of words, advice, quotes that have rang in my ears, resonated in my brain, have moved my life forward all my life. Thanks

So Where Do We Go Now? July 15, 2020 - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Normal, we would talk about a fork in the road, and taking the road less traveled, instead, we will have a long pause of complete confusion.

Spirit Airlines Negligent Actions Causes Economic And Emotional Damages January 16, 2015 To Andy Lee Graham

Spirit Airlines Negligent Actions Causes Economic And Emotional Damages January 16 2015 To Andy Lee Graham - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Video Explaining Why Andy Graham is the Most Experienced Digital Nomad on Planet Earth

About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Why I Am Not Marrying Bah as of Now

January 2013, I am Andy Graham from Orland, Indiana, I have traveled now for 15 years, and visited 90 countries.

Why I Travel by Andy Lee Graham - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Me, Andy Lee Graham explaining why I travel, after 101 countries, and 16 plus years of non-stop world travel, it is time to look back down the path.

Why You've Kept Traveling 16 Years When Most Travel A Few Then Quit? - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Tristan, a Friend, and Traveler asked, Why You've Kept Traveling 16 Years When Most Travel a Few Then Quit? About Andy Graham The HoboTraveler.com

This photo was taken by Romaric in Kara, Togo West Africa.
Andy Graham cooking in Sosua Domincan Republic in a 250 USD per month apartment with WIFI and color TV.
Andy Graham wiht a Netherland girl on his lap in Riga Latvia.
Andy Graham in 8 USD per night Room in Rio Dulce Guatemala with WIFI Internet.
Andy Graham in India Bus Station, all the local boys trying to pick up my Backpack.
Andy Graham on Dugout Canoe on Amazon River between Iquito and Pulcalpa, Peru.
Andy Graham in Dohuk, Iraq with American Soldiers.
Andy Graham with Tour group in Tibet, China.
Andy Graham on Mekong River with a Little Cambodia Girl.
Andy Graham in Sosua, Domincan Republic showing off 5 USB Wireless Internet Modems and why I am a Digital Nomad.
Andy Graham with Chris and Peter on Train from Baghdad Iraq to Basra.
Andy Graham lying on ground under Eiffel Tower in Paris, France with two Israel Girls.

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