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I Was Confused On Month Of Year

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I Was Confused on Month of Year

Month of Year

Yesterday, I wrote that I entered Togo in February of 2013, and within five hours my mother wrote,
“Andy, it is March, not February.”

What a great thing, what a great feeling I have inside of me, to know I am unaware of the month of the year.

This is my travelers dream.

Thanks to the good Gods.
Andy Graham


I can understand this same thing. When people ask me the time or date I reply day or night time, it's whatever month if I remember the month so I sometimes will answer it's 2013, I think.
Being retired and when traveling I have come to care less about time other than when absolutely necessary, medical appointments and such.
I go to bed when sleepy regardless of the time, I eat when hungry.
I quit wearing a watch over 20 yrs ago.
It's a great feeling not to be a slave to the clock.


Yes, "Slave to the Clock."
The never ending need to obey.

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I forgot what month is was. title=