A Video of Andy Graham Sitting in Hotel Room waking up to write for HoboTraveler.com and being a Writer

I Andy Graham Admit I am Addicted to Collecting Book Research Raw Data And I am Powerless to Stop.

Andy in Writers Mode

Video of Andy Graham as he starts working in the morning. Andy as he is in-his-head as a writer, a close up inside apartment for 235 per month in Dominican Republic where he is working presently to write a book.

Today is January 8, 2012, I have been working on Internet sites for somewhere around 16 years. I am not sure of the exact date, but I know I made my first HTML page with Bob Krueger in Fort Wayne, Indiana for my Real Estate company.

Today, I (Andy Graham) feel I am entering a new phase of computer use.

I do not want to recommend people use computers, I do not believe that computers are enriching the lives of users. In many ways I believe they are causing a new wave of dysfuntional and anti-social humans that is a corruption of the spirit.

What has changed in the last week?
- My ability to record information safely has jumped, I can record more, I can store more, and keep, retrieve, and assimilate faster than ever before. I am able to record in many ways, audio, typing, videos, and photos and store, and retrieve as when I want.

What is a Blog?
Think about this, in the beginning the "Blog," was defined as a "Web Log," an ongoing story written to the public to read. So I have a travelouge, that uses a Blogging platform, and I try to record what is of importance with the hope of giving understand of what it means to live my life. As of today, I have a few labels, Webmaster, Blogger, Writer, Book Writer, Photographer, and Real Estate Investor and Broker, I am also a great carpenter.

Maybe, I could call this raw data chronicled of my life,
"This Old Andy," like "This Old House," that show on TV where they remodel the old and renovate into something better.

What is my goal of using computers?

"To collect raw data to put in books I am going to write or onto web sites."

This data is then processed, and put into understandable formats for people to read and use. This is 2ith the hope of making enough money to enjoy my life.

What is different about me, only about 10 percent this goal really revolves around the money, I not do this for money, it is close to one of the most ineffective ways of making money on the planet. I do it, but it a squeaker, I could make in one month enough money in Real Estate buying and flipping as I make now using computers.

I enjoy the learning, but learning without collecting and filing the raw data in an organized way is sort of weird.

People want me to return to Old Blog Format. People tell me, my Mother is frustated, many people want the old Andy where I just did a daily update of what I am thinking about, the old ramble away on his Blog story way of doing things. And, one day I will, but trying to make the overall business grow beyond me is priority, I want HoboTraveler.com to exist after I die, not just as me as a Travel Blogger. It is an ongoing business venture, that will grow big enough to employ hundreds.

I am taking injections of  Dexamthason to get through the day and work.

Visual Records (Making videos with my new disposable tri-pod.)

Written Records (Type on computer.)

Audio Records (Record filed to 2 Terrabyte Hardrive.)

Voice Conversations (Talking on skype or my cell phone.)

E-mail and Social Networks, (Note, Facebook sucks.)

Recording videos from Internet with youtubedownloader:

Recording web pages from the Internet, the placing on our WYSIWYG pages on one of our 100 plus sites.

Sat, 7 Jan 2012 22:45:18

I Andy Graham Admit I am Addicted to Collecting Book Research Raw Data And I am Powerless to Stop.

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