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Becoming Willing To Prove It Has Change My Life - About Andy Lee Graham

Our best friends trust us, and everyone needs proof we are trustworthy, we need to demonstrate, show them, give them proof by actions, not words.

Thu, 24 Sep 2015 22:54:09



This video below has driven me crazy for two years, why?

I just could not get my mind around the word: "Tangible?"

Yes, it makes sense in the video, but how to apply it, I need this word explained by implications. This word evaded me, I think I got it! We all have have the ability to change the world, to make it a better place. Ok, so we all want change, something new, something better, and we cannot do this alone, we need help. So gather around our friends, and we tell them a story…
If the story is good, if the story is “tangible,” then for the most part, they will follow along, or at least, not stand in the peanut gallery throwing stones.

Tangible Defined:

1. Touchable; able to be touched or felt; perceptible by the sense of touch; palpable.

2. Possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete.

3. Comprehensible by the mind; understandable.

OK, so I need to touch change; I cannot get my figure on that. (1)

OK, so we have to treat the change as fact, real, or concrete? Well, we will only know that after the change occurs. (2)

OK, so we need to understand the change, this is good, so I comprehend the change, which does not make it happen? (3)

So, do you understand tangible?

I think if I pile the three definitions together, and use only one word, it may be simpler.

“Tangible is something we can prove.”

So prove it!

Everyone will jump on the bandwagon, if we can prove the change is possible, and stop talking so much. Something tangible is provable, and touchable it is not words, it is something we can see, sense, and know.
So when we tell a good story, when I tell a good story, I am going to do my best to talk less, and show you more, I am going to prove what I am saying is true…

I am in Kpalime, Togo West Africa, and I think a lot about Malaria, the locals say, “I have Malaria,” it is like the common cold here, everyone blames all sickness on malaria. Yet, I suspect they do not know it is a parasite carried by mosquitoes in blood, which is transferred from one human to another by mosquito bites.

Prove it, make it touchable, tangible:

How? We can put a drop of blood under a microscope, and show the parasite entering the blood cell, stop talking and start showing. Showing is touchable, show is tangible, and talking is talk.

Thanks Jennifer

Andy Lee Graham
Making videos with more action, and less talk…

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