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Barbara O'Neill Nutritionist Chosen by Andy Lee Graham

After reading, reading, and watching nutritionists for years, I have decided to follow the advice of Barbara O'Neill from Australia, mother of 8 children

Sun, 22 Mar 2015 04:49:41

"A man who represents himself has a fool for a client." 
-Abraham Lincoln

Idiom: Too many cooks spoil the broth

Barbara O'Neill


I enjoy watching Youtube.com videos about health, mainly how to eat the correct foods and to keep my body in optimum condition. 

However, after years of watching, reading, and trying to understand nutrition, and doing my best to understand a long list of words, I find I need to remember the two quotes above.

There are 1000's of words to describe a healthy way of living such as:


Alternative Medicine







 The bottom line: 

I want someone I can trust to ‘Tell me which vitamins to take.' 

I have decided that I trust Barbara O'Neill, and will do my best to follow her advice. In a world where everyone believes they are an expert, I believe she is an expert. 

Reasons why I believe she is an expert:

1. Specific explanations.

2. Citing books, and research.

3. Simple explanations.

4. She does not create a common enemy. She does not bind us to her by making corporations, or medical people the enemy.

Barbara O'Neill on YouTube: (I hope a play list of videos is shown!)

Barbara O'Neill on Twitter:

Barbara O'Neill on Facebook.com

Barbara O'Neill website: barbhealth.com

Barbara O'Neill website 2: mmh.com.au

I sincerely believe in finding a mentor, someone I accept as being wiser, more savvy, with better understanding than I do. This is the person I will follow. It is a fool that believes they can know more than the person who has years of experience in their particular field of study. 

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

March 22, 2015

I have decided that Barbara O'Neill appears to be the most level headed, insightful, and safest to follow nutritionist.

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