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Andy Lee Graham Is Searching for Lazy Friends

This is not a joke. Please contact me on Facebook if you are lazy. I need friends that have time to talk about ideas, inventions, research or Wikipedia.

Thu, 10 Oct 2013 03:29:39

Damnit, it has taken me 57 years to figure this out ...

Lazy Friend Search

I now realize that the smart, wise, clever humans, the best of the best, admit that they are lazy – I mean incredibly lazy. They will do anything to avoid work. As time goes on, I have realized that I want something in life, friends that are so lazy they find the most intelligent ways on the planet to do things. I mean, lazy people are the most efficient workers on the planet.

If you have made so much money that you do not need to work and spend all your time talking with friends, you were lazy enough to find the most efficient ways of making money. Because of your laziness, you have an overabundance of free time.

If you have free time and like to talk about:

 – Inventions
 – Research ideas
 – Stuff you read on Wikipedia

Please contact me on my Facebook page:


Andy Lee Graham
Lazy enough to enjoy life

Searching For Lazy Friends

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