Andy Graham Talks At University Of Kara Togo On Thanksgiving Holiday In America

I, Andy Lee Graham have been invited by Mr. Amin to explain to an English class at University of Kara, Togo, “Thanksgiving in America.” November 26, 2013.

Andy L. Graham will explain "Thanksgiving in America," to an English class at the Unviversity of Kara.


Thanksgiving in America

15-20 minute lecture with questions on,
“Thanksgiving in the United States of America.”

Andy L. Graham, Citizen of the United States of America. Travel Writer, CEO of 100 Travel Community Internet sites, Videographer, Documentary Filmmakingand

Andy L. Graham
9545 West 120, Apartment 26
Orland, Indiana 46776-0026
United States of America

USA Telephone: +1-260-624-4414
Togo Telephone: +228-9294-0714

14hr 30
November 26, 2013

American Corner (An English classroom.)
University of Kara
Kara, Togo, West Africa

The “American Corner” is for English classes, where students study English here in Kara, Togo. This is a Francophone country, therefore, Andy L. Graham will talk in English as he explains the culture of America and it’s celebration of,

An American national holiday celebrated yearly on the third Thursday in November.

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