'The Future of the American Dream' by Sean Ogle

In a "TED Talk," Sean Ogle explains "The Future Of The American Dream." I believe he qualifies as a "A Life Without Border."

Sam Ogle

“The Future of the American Dream,” by Sean Ogle

In this inspiring lecture, Sean Ogle examines the American Dream as we’ve come to know it and as it could be. This young CEO and pioneer shares his vision for a self-directed life and the many fulfilling possibilities it can afford.

After an exhilarating two-week vacation in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, Sean came home with a renewed perspective on life. “It hit me,” he said. “I should be able to do this whenever I want.”

What awaited him at home was a grinding job as an investment analyst, ash with no more vacation time and a 20 percent pay cut. He didn’t like what he was doing, and he eventually realized that he “never consciously decided what I wanted to do with life.” He had always followed the path of least resistance, a path charted out for him by countless others in search of security and comfort.

That path, Sean claims, is the way to the traditional American Dream. It is dotted with certain milestones – a steady job, marriage, a home, a family, retirement. And yet, many find that it doesn’t guarantee personal happiness or genuine fulfillment.

“Most people who live out the traditional American Dream do not choose to do so,” he says.  

What is needed is a new American Dream. According to Sean, it comprises:

1. Conscious decision – The individual charts his/her own path.

2. Personal happiness – Concentrate on what makes you happy.

3. Legacy – Envision how your choices can make a difference.

Sean learned another valuable lesson in his personal journey – the power of uncertainty. It is what drives progress and progressive thinking. Indeed, the future of the American Dream “lies at the crossroads of fearing uncertainty and embracing it.”

“Fifty years from now,” he asks, “what story do you want to tell? What do you want to say you’ve done?”

Check out his website here.

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The American Dream by Sean Ogle

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