Robert Winick - A Life Without Borders

Robert Winick - Presently in Russia, you can follow his trip on Blog or subscribe using Yahoo groups.

What country are you from?
I am from USA

What is your age?
I am 55, I was born in 1956

How many countries have you visited?

What is your greatest joy of living anywhere?
Freedom is my joy.

Why do you live in many cities in many countries?
Why not?

What is your source or sources of money?
I live off savings, investment income and from the proceeds I recieved from selling all my possessions in USA when I left in 2003.

How does a person prepare?
All your fear is in your mind! i suggest you pack as little as possibel. all my shit weighs 12 kilos!

I recommend you do what you please and travel alone!

What mistakes have you made, that you would recommend people avoid?
My mistake was trying to plan too much in the future. Let life unfold without too much planning!

One Travel Tip?
Travel tip? Pack light!

Biography of Bob Winick

     I was a successful chef in USA. I graduated with honors from Culinary Institute of America. I was personal chef for a mayor of New York City and workde for Hilton hotels for 5 years.I worked in Americas kitchens for 29 years.New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, New Orleans, Colorado, and CAlifornia. I worked in 5 4star mobile guide restaurants. I was a partner in 4 restaurants. I was an officer in Chaine de Rotisseurs. A life member of Les

Amis du Vin Society. I was 3 times listed in the salon of grand master chefs of North Ameraca (the top 500 chefs of USA Canada and Mexico.) I had a radio show where I told people how to match foods with wines...

     So, I dont know,one day I  just got tired of the rat race. I felt like even if you win the race you are still a rat for having run! I sold out of my restaurants and  decided to take a 3 month vacation  I went back after 3 months and sold all the rest of my stuff and Invested the $185,000, I bought a one year round the world star alliance plane ticket package,  and have been travelling ever since!

      I always had a spiritual side to me, and I studied the 4th way of GI Gurdjieff and PD Ouspenski for 3 decades. I was a practicing Buddhist for 20 years. I have been interested and attended retreats of J Krishnamurti in India and Thailand and am also influenced by Eckhardt Tolle and Miguel Ruiz. As a traveller I have the time to be myself and get into my pursuit of enlightenment. I feel like I am a sufi saliq, a seeker of truth!!

       My parents like to travel and when we were children they took me and my brothers on long car trips every summer. I always liked to travel. When I was 20 I quit University and bought a van and me and a friend turned it into a camper and drove around USA Canada and Mexico for 9 months until we ran outta money. I always felt it was the best time of my life and When I got the chance, I just decided to do it all again but on a world level instead of North America.

        I think that the media is the blame for people being afraid to travel. They tell us the world is dangerous when in fact it is not.They tell us we are free when in fact we are not. I think if you want to be free the first thing to do is get rid of your TV and stop listening or reading the news!

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Robert Winick - A Life Without Borders

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