May The Force Be With You I Am A Backpacker

A Life Without Borders, we have two choices in life, whether to search for comfort, or to stay a little, angry, may the force be with you.

May The Force Be With You, I Am a Backpacker

For years I have alluded to a few words, labels that help me find myself, travel is a constant desire to reinvent ourselves, into a better me.


May The Force Be With You

These words are used to describe people who leave the USA, or any other country they call home. While all of us are tourists, and the word traveler is confusing, backpacker is maybe my favorite word, I sometimes say,
“I am one of the worlds longest backpackers.”

And, I actually travel with a backpack, a type of luggage many expats despise, which is fun, to have animosity towards luggage is not very open minded. Yet, the truth is, not all people can lift, and carry a backpack because their bodies are not capable, then others probably are seeking higher social status. While I see backpackers as higher social status, the more adventurous travelers, most expats see them as children.

Wanting to be Young, or Wanting to be a Senior?

I am presently near Cancun, Mexico on an island called “Isla Mujeres,” in another day I will leave here with a man named Brian, to introduce him to the world of backpackers, a culture, a lifestyle, a type of traveler.

I am quite sure Backpackers ignore expats, as is the habit of the youth of the planet, hard to be entertained by older adults, retired, often fat, expats talking about their houses, and recent purchases. My inner feeling is their are people who have given up the fight, sort of on the downhill slide of life, maybe that popular saying from the films “Star Wars” has meaning,
“May the force be with you.”

The Dying of the Light

There can be retired people --- who are not tired; there is no reason for us to lose the light, to lose the force. It is my observation, there is continually two choices, one is to accept, and become comfortable, the other is to leave the house, to walk down the road with no plan, no desire to micromanage the day, to pick up our backpacks and leave.

I Was Angry in Pizza Hut, "You can't call me that!"

The waitress in Pizza Hut offered me the senior discount, at age 62 I sort of understood, I can collect social security, and I asked her,
“At what age do you offer the senior discount?”
She replied,
“Age 55.”
I thought to myself, there was no way at age 55 I was a senior discount person, and at age 62, why does she insult me?

“Do not go gentle into that good night.”
   -Dylan Thomas

And, may the force be with you.
Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham of, May 19, 2018; sitting in a 5 Star Resort fully aware I am a backpacker, time to find the right path, to make the correct choice of the two offered me in life.

Stay angry!

Sat, 19 May 2018 05:03:50

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