Heidi Liestøl Undheim- A Life Without Borders

Heidi Liestøl Undheim - presently in Hamburg, Germany

What country are you from?
Norway, but I have an apartment in Spain and currently live in Hamburg, Germany

What is your age?

How many countries have you visited?
73 countries, 82 incl. territories & islands, 90 incl. stopovers

What is your greatest joy of living anywhere?
The freedom. Learning new languages and getting to know new people and cultures.

Why do you live in many cities in many countries?
Because I can!

What is your source or sources of money?
Worked hard or worked while traveling (fruit picking, in hostals and misc.)

How does a person prepare?
Vaccinations, visas, contact name and numbers, insurance

Just go! Follow your heart and your gut feeling.

What mistakes have you made, that you would recommend people avoid?
Fortunately, I haven't made too many. I have been very fortunate. Just be careful.

One Travel Tip?
Ref. Recommendations! Be careful.

Biography, explanation of life of living in many places, the longer story:
It might seem exotic and interesting to live in so many places, and don't get me wrong, IT IS! But it has also made me very restless and I find it hard to settle down in one particular place. To make a change, the average person would paint a wall or buy a new car. I move!

Fri, 15 Jul 2011 07:51:19

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