'Extreme Lifestyle Experiments' by Colin Wright

This is the story of Collin Wright, who sold everything and traveled the planet. He continues to work from remote locations around the world.

In a "TED Talk" in Phonom Penh, Cambodia, Entrepreneur Colin Wright defines an extreme lifestyle experiment as a “controlled change in your lifestyle undertaken for a period of time, intended to give you new perspective.”

Colin Wright

With inspiring self-confidence and generosity, Colin shares his own experience of undertaking an extreme lifestyle experiment. What prompted him was the realization that he was caught in a cycle: The more work he did, the more work came. Running a branding studio out of Los Angeles, Calif., he hoped to make his first million dollars before turning 25. Then, he would travel the world. But his perspective was radically flawed. He thought he could work his way out of working.

In Einstein’s definition, Colin was insane, “… doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting the different results.”

What’s more, he was aiming at the wrong goal. He decided he would aim at the right goal instead.

He started a project, Circadian3. Every day for one year, he would create a short piece of writing and post a memorable photo and drawing. Carrying a camera every day, he says, changed his perspective.

Shortly after, Colin created Exile Lifestyle, a blog dedicated to the things he knew about and to things he wanted to learn, particularly in the fields of art and marketing. He eventually scaled his business down to be able to work from his laptop and allowed readers of the blog to vote where he would live every four months. He had begun his experiment: living in different places chosen by perfect strangers.

In his brilliant lecture, Colin outlines the process for creating new lifestyle experiments:

1. Identify the problem before starting to work on a solution.
2. Plan your goal or project and work backward from it.
3. Establish the rules and guidelines for the project.
4. Jump! Don’t get caught up in thinking.

In closing, Colin reaffirms the power of perspective and the unique opportunities that changing one’s point of view can afford.

Thank you, Colin Wright.

Mon, 29 Apr 2013 04:19:02

Colin Wright

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