Expat Heaven is Kara Togo West Africa

Rogue Travelers of the planet, I am giving notice, Kara, Togo is Expat Heaven, it is time to come, before everyone has has "The Map."

Expat Heaven is Kara Togo West Africa

My best friends in life are rogues who do not want to claim any country. You know who you are, and I am giving you what’s up notice, Kara, Togo is on my short list of best places to hang out on planet earth, it is time to get your butt over here.

Americans can get a visa on arrival, and they issue us a one-year visa.

matthew mcconaughey

What am I saying?
This is similar to a “Babe Alert.” This is me giving you “The Map,” I want you to come here before it is spoiled. The plot of the movie “The Beach,” by Alex Garland revolved around one central theme,
“There is paradise, and do not give anyone the map to it.”
And, in reality,
“Everyone shares the map with their friends.”

And, the truth is this, generally only the rogue traveler, those who wander about the planet, free of social constraints will understand this post. Most rogue travelers are good people, they do not hide, they do not want to be famous, and they are just out and about, on a world walkabout.

There is travel slang, maybe jargon, these rogue travelers are people who go way beyond one or two countries, and they are the group called:
“After Europe.”
“After Thailand.”
“After the Philippines.”

Where do you go after you understand that Panama is for hiding money, not for living? And you figured out Ecuador is just for the “International Lying” people who just got off the turnip truck group?

Yes, for those of you in Medellin, Colombia, I am talking to you, and then Kara, Togo is calling.

After you did the clichés, then where do you go? This notice is for the “After” group, the men on the planet who go anywhere they want.

Kara, Togo is extremely, abnormally safe, I mean, you would have to leave money on the table outside overnight to get robbed. But, it is still the place where your friends, family and associate tell you not go, but you go anyway, and are baffles why they just do not get it!

An 11 dollar AC Hotel Room, with 20 cent motorcycle taxis, with a strip of bars down the street. This is like big game hunting, you can go after the big five. But this is not the place for newbies, this is off the grid, no-mans land, and strangely safe enough for my Mother.

This is "GFE, not PSE," and I hope for sure you do not understand those two acronyms, if so, then you are up to no good. How do I know, well, I am always surrounded by off the wall rogues, and I learn by osmosis. I am allowing you to read between the lines, I want you to know this is not Kansas.

I despise Pataya and Angeles City, this is a nice place, but better, so do not be creepy.

This is more about Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind...

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Here are few famous rogue travelers photos below.

Thu, 18 Apr 2013 22:26:54

Matthew McConaughey, is a movie version of Dirk Pitt, the Rogue Traveler.

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