Doug Murray - A Life Without Borders

Doug Murray - Presently located in Canada.

What country are you from?

What is your age?

How many countries have you visited?

What is your greatest joy of living anywhere?
Low stress.

Why do you live in many cities in many countries?
It's possible to live like a king on little money.

What is your source or sources of money?
Freelance writing, social media and blog building.

How does a person prepare?
Take a deep breath and do it.  Paying off debt first is helps.

Four-hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss

What mistakes have you made, that you would recommend people avoid?
Keeping (and paying for) a place to live back in the home country.

One Travel Tip?
$100US note tucked away for emergencies.

Biography, explanation of life of living in many places, the longer story:

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