10 Habits of Effective Travelers

List of habits of seasoned travelers who understand how to enjoy travel, and live their live anywhere they wish with no desire to return.

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"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least."
— Goethe

Common Characteristics:
- How to recognize people from this secret lifestyle?
"People who plan to live for at least one month in a destination."

An effective traveler has learned to enjoy traveler and does not have a desire to return home.

1. Ask About New Travel Hangouts.

2. Sequential Country Travel.

3. Cultural Immersion.

4. Game Bargain Hunting.

5. Seek Easy to Afford Budget Locations.

6. Use Cheap Room Strategies.

7. Cheap Airfare Motivates Travel to Next Destination.

8. Entrepreneurial Travel.

9. Dwells on Where to Find Money to Continue Traveling.

10. Seeks Advice from Long Term Travelers.

11. Make Friends and Have Many Friends.

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Common Characteristics of Pro Travelers

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