Can Americans Imagine a Life With No Pain?

We truly get what we deserve from life. We all can renege on the deal, we do not deserve the life we was given, and we deserve the life we take.

Every day of our life, with every move we make, we pass our fellow man, walking the walk and talking the talk. We say hello to each other. We smile, we talk, we huddle together and laugh, but we each carry a burden.

The American Way

Every day of our life, with every move we make, we pass our fellow man, walking the walk and talking the talk. We say hello to each other. We smile, we talk, we huddle together and laugh, but we each carry a burden.

We all have a good life, but inside, each of us has many regrets. Sometimes, they are small ones, but other times it is a burning resentment. Maybe 10 percent have what is called “rage;“ one in 10 is ready to bite our head off in seconds.

Each of us has pain, really burning emotional pain; we all look for a way to live a life without this pain. And when you have faith that all is going to be good, all is OK, and that you are invincible, then you relax and the pain stops.

Yet, I am not sure if we Americans can imagine a life without this pain. We see so few of our fellow Americans free, happy and content. There are people with huge burdens, and there are people with small ones.

Yet, I see people every day of the week. As a world traveler, I, Andy Lee Graham, have seen hundreds of people with very little or no emotional pain as described above. They are not burdened.

I cannot imagine returning to the hive, the USA, with all the other drone bees striving to keep the queen bees happy: the man, the boss, the wife, the husband, the buzz of humanity under the burden of emotional pain. …

AAGH!, this is Hell on Earth, and we somehow believe we need to live a life of Hell. This is the big lie. We accept our fate, and we do not have to accept our fate. We just need to believe that life is for living, stop caring about money, and have faith that we all will love life, whether rich or poor.

We are crabs fighting to return to the Garden of Eden

This is a pain, emotional pain, the burden that we Christians can blame on Adam and Eve. Personally, I think this is humorous, the big joke, another way for everyone not to have faith.

I sometimes think the Bible is a mean joke, more propaganda to keep us working so the rich, the one with tons of burdens, can get richer as they strive to suckle our love and throw away our smiles.

Read this:

After Adam and Eve sinned against God by disobeying His command, and eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they encountered the first burden.

Well, for we American, we Europeans, we Australians and we Japanese, burden lies in the hearts of people living competitively in the developed countries.

Am I talking about God and faith in God? No, I am talking about faith in fate and that none of us is going to starve to death in the dark.

If there is one thing I am positive about after traveling for 15 years, wandering around the planet, and doing anything I want all day, it is:

None of us idiots is going to starve to death.

There is always food, there is always shelter, and there is always a way to live a happy life. Somehow, somewhere, if we are a good person, others will offer us a way to live OK. The only people on the planet who deserve to be punished get punished from life. There are beggars on every corner of the planet who deserve just what they got.

Can you, as an American, European, Australian, Brit, German or Japanese, crab your way out of the barrel?


But if you stop trying to crab up and have faith that all is good, you can fall to the bottom of the barrel, accept your fate, and be without burden.

Faith is accepting that we will all have enough, really more than we need.

Look at the man or woman next to you, with no regrets, and you will see a person with great faith. I meet people who live their dreams daily, people who are doing exactly what they want to do. They have no regrets.

My challenge for everyone it to leave, to walk away from the burden you chose to accept.


Andy Lee Graham, with a life worth living


So true Andy. Today has only become as a means for tomorrow. And we all know tomorrow never comes. Living in the now is the most important things. True Awareness and realization that we not cars to be driven and a "drive". Cant we just "be"?
Faith is just a feeling. Just to keep us going that the "sun will come out tomorrow". Hahaha work all your life for what? Thinking we have to change the world and then shrivel and die.
Now is all we have. Live and enjoy good or bad- like the crabs. Thanks from India

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