Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan 1893 To 1963
Marco Polo 1254 To 1324 Or 1325
Mark Twain 1835 To 1910
Mary Kingsley 1862 To 1900
Mary Louise Pratt
Mary Wollstonecraft 1759 To 1797
Matsuo Basho 1644 To 1694
Michael Crichton 1942 To 2008
Michael Cronin
Michael Palin Born 1943
Mikiro Sasaki Born 1947
Nasir Khusraw 1004 To 1088
Neil Peart Born 1952
Norman Douglas 1868 To 1962
Octave Mirbeau 1848 To 1917
Patrick Leigh Fermor Born 1915
Paul Bowles 1910 To 1999
Paul Fussell
Paul Theroux Born 1941
Pausanias Fl 2nd Century
Peter Aufschnaiter 1899 To 1973
Peter Mayle Born 1939
Pico Iyer Born 1957
Predrag Miletic Born 1952
Primož Kozak 1929 1981
Prince Bojidar Karageorgevitch 1862 To 1908
Quim Monzó Born 1952
Rebecca West 1892 To 1983
Richard Hakluyt 1552 To 1616
Richard Halliburton
Rifa'a el-Tahtawi 1801 To 1873
Robert A Heinlein 1907 To 1988
Robert Byron 1905 To 1941
Robert Louis Stevenson 1850 To 1894
Rory MacLean Born 1954
Rubén Caba Born 1935
Rutilius Claudius Namatianus Fl 5th Century
Ryszard Kapuscinski 1932 To 2007
Sally Carrighar
Samuel Johnson 1709 To 1784
Sir Henry Holland 1st Baronet 1788 To 1873
Su Shi 1037 To 1101
Tahir Shah Born 1966
Ted Simon Born 1931
Theodore Roosevelt 1858 To 1919
Thomas Jefferson 1743 To 1826
Thomas Raucat 1894 To 1976
Tom Bissell Born 1974
Tom Miller Born 1947
Tony Horwitz Born 1958
Venedict Yerofeyev 1938 To 1990
Vikram Seth Born 1952
W Somerset Maugham 1874 To 1965
Wilfred Thesiger 1910 To 2003
William Dalrymple Born1965
William Dean Howells 1837 To 1920
William Least Heat Moon Born 1939
William Morris 1834 To 1896
Xenophon 431 To 355 Bc
Xu Xiake 1587 To 1641
Xuanzang 602 To 664
Yaqut Al Hamawi 1179 To 1229
Yone Noguchi 1875 To 1947
Zulfikar Zuko D Umhur 1921
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