Canned refined vegetables, Rwanda Photo
Banana plants found at the foot of the valley, Rwanda Photo
Lone pine tree fronting commercial building, Rwanda Photo
Sunlight filtered from the window, Rwanda Photo
Woman carrying essentials for the home, Rwanda Photo
Patches of farms lots in the hillside, Rwanda Photo
Vegetables in a tin can, Rwanda Photo
Public outdoor toilet, Rwanda Photo
My own portable water heater, Rwanda Photo
Matar super market parking lot, Rwanda Photo
Green valley that has sloping farm lands, Rwanda Photo
Northern highland initiative sign, Rwanda Photo
Comptoir pharmaceutique store, Rwanda Photo
Birds eye view of the local valley, Rwanda Photo
Rough pavement, Rwanda Photo
Store cashier, Rwanda Photo
Farmer terraces, Rwanda Photo
Dusty empty cross roads, Rwanda Photo
Writings on the blackboard, Rwanda Photo
Mud wall and stone walls, Rwanda Photo
Beautiful courtyard with plants, Rwanda Photo
He's a grocery cashier, Rwanda Photo
Via Via Auberge in Yoff Senegal close to Airport in Dakar, Senegal Photo
Arab Insecticide will kill anything, Senegal Photo
Sewer water flowing into the street in Yoff Senegal, Senegal Photo
Pile Of Hollow Blocks, Senegal Photo
Hollow Blocks by the Roadside, Senegal Photo
SUV Parked in Alley, Senegal Photo
Via Via Auberge Sign Dakar, Senegal Photo
Horse Carts, Senegal Photo
Sewer water smelling and coming up from ground in Yoff, Senegal Photo
Construction Tie Wires, Senegal Photo
Open Window, Senegal Photo
Empty Roof Deck, Senegal Photo
Overland Africa SUV in front of Via Via, Senegal Photo
Two Dollar and fifty cent light, I am using to light mirror in shower., Senegal Photo
Sewer water making the road wet in Yoff, Senegal Photo
Heavy Duty Cable Plier, Senegal Photo
Dusty Ceiling Fan, Senegal Photo
Horse-drawn vehicle, Senegal Photo
French Bread With Coffee And Juice, Senegal Photo
All my light switches are marked, because I mark them in the Hotel room, Senegal Photo
Alcool for 2000 CFA or four dollars, Senegal Photo
Dusty Road, Senegal Photo
Red Shirt and Pink Laundry Clip, Senegal Photo
Looking for Someplace to Rest, Senegal Photo
Insecticide next to door so I remember to spray the room down as I leave., Senegal Photo
Draining the last amount of shampoo out of my bottle soon to be retired, Senegal Photo
Bending Construction Steel, Senegal Photo
Man Walking on Dusty Road, Senegal Photo
Good Road Condition, Senegal Photo
Homeless Man Crossing the Road, Senegal Photo
Traditional and Upgraded Vehicles Traveling Side-by-Side, Senegal Photo
Improvised Clothes' Line, Senegal Photo
Bright Sunny Day on the Beach, Senegal Photo
Mosque In the Sand, Senegal Photo
Colored Handcrafted Illustration Booklet, Senegal Photo
Where Are You Taking My PC?, Senegal Photo
Leisurely Ride, Senegal Photo
Hardwood Bed with Foam, Senegal Photo
When Technology Regularly Interrupt your Routine, Senegal Photo
Vast Sandy Frontyard, Senegal Photo
Brightly Colored Drawing of a Woman, Senegal Photo
Plastic Pouch, Senegal Photo
Mixed Types of Vehicles on the Road, Senegal Photo
Bed is Ready for Sleeping, Senegal Photo
Books are Reliable Bed Companions, Senegal Photo
Massive Structure in the Sand, Senegal Photo
Two Friends About to Dine, Senegal Photo
Ready For Tea Time, Senegal Photo
Old Man in Walking Cane About to Cross the Street, Senegal Photo
Migratory Birds on the Beach, Senegal Photo
Bed Without Pillows, Senegal Photo
Illustration of Dining, Senegal Photo
Ants Invading a Metal Scissors, Senegal Photo
Heating The Tea, Senegal Photo
Allowing more air to enter room by moving curtain forward, Senegal Photo
Children Doing their Chores on the Beach, Senegal Photo
The Stick is an Unusual Bed Companion, Senegal Photo
Man with Drawing Book, Senegal Photo
Travelers' Gadgets, Senegal Photo
Extra Strong Drink, Senegal Photo
On their way going home, South Korea Photo
Multi storey parking area, South Korea Photo
Utility green bag, South Korea Photo
Banana drink on the rack, South Korea Photo
The satisfied smile says it all, South Korea Photo
Empty moving cable cars, South Korea Photo
Empty luggage cart, South Korea Photo
Korea cyber university building, South Korea Photo
It's national geographic logo up close, South Korea Photo
Girls Olive green nails, South Korea Photo
Electronic Colorful ticket counter, South Korea Photo
Rock formation in the park, South Korea Photo
Seven luck casino, South Korea Photo
Level up school, South Korea Photo
Safari colored backpack, South Korea Photo
Yummy noodles, South Korea Photo
Allowed blue access, South Korea Photo
Giraffe busy eating lunch, South Korea Photo