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Internet Cafe for 10 Peso per Hour
Pie de la Cuesta, Playa Luces - Note this beach is very long, I believe my present walk is about 2 kilometers per day
to go to this Internet cafe, if you use the internet a lot, maybe better to get a hotel closer to this cafe.
This is located just as you enter under the concrete entrance and on your left. They allow laptop with ethernet or WIFI

This is a tribute to God in a Catholic manner, in the Internet cafe.

Laptop Zone

Three Catholic Nuns going to the Playa Luces Beach or maybe on a Lagoon Boat Ride

Catholic Nuns in Acapulco, Mexico

Huge piles of trash they dump down the side of the hills along the road between Pie de la Cuesta and
Acapulco. I am pretty sure the name of this road is Calle Pie de la Cuesta.
There are many signs saying No Tirar Basura, if you want to take a photo of this, stop where there
is this sign, this is where you will find the trash.

Basura is the word for Trash or Garbage in the Spanish Language

Combi, a type of Public Transportation in Mexico
The price is varies I guess to the distance

Maybe a richer than normal person probably lives here, there is razor blade barb wire in front of house.

Mexico Sponge I believe

Ocean Sponge

Fruits and Vegetables being sold in Acapulco.

Apples, Oranges, Bananas sold per Kilo - A Kilo is 2.2 Pounds

Ice Lemon Drink at 8-10 Pesos per cup, about 80 cents to 1 dollar
Not a cheap drink, if you want the cheap drink go in a store and buy a bag of water in plastic, about 1.5 pesos. March 2008

This boy shaved off ice, then put into the cup, then added Lemon type flavor to the slushy ice drink.
Acapulco City in front of the Gigante Super Market

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