Bike Riders in Mexico

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These two people I talked with in a Pie de la Cuesta Restaurant near the Internet Cafe
The was riding their bikes for six week in Mexico,

German Bike Rider in Mexico, there are some very serious mountains and hills in Mexico

I wanted to wash some clothes by hand. I took my bucket and placed below the shower spicket.
The water spread out so much it would have taken an hour to fill up the bucket.
This Travel Tip or Travel Hint is this, take a shirt, towel or something cloth and tie to the shower head.
It will force the water to flow into the shirt and down in a good stream to the bucket.
Not that I like to do my clothes by hand. The walk to the laundry is about 1 kilometer, so decided easier to do by hand.
Plus the want 4 dollars per load at one place, or 12 pesos per kilo at the other. March 2008

I am not a Tourist T-shirt - Cost 30 Peso or 3 Dollars US. March 2008

On the back it said this, I guess Car a jo is the word in Spanish. I cannot put the word in the page,
the search engines do not like and can change the them of my site.

This is the lifeguard or Salvadidas stand on the Playa Luces Beach.
The is nice, put up just before Easter 2008, not sure they finished, the umbrella looks very half done.

Rules of Beach - This beach is very dangerous, The rule saying if you swim out from shore, remember you
have to swim back is a little simple here. People swim out beyond the waves, get beat up so bad on the way out
they are afraid to come back, because they do not know how too.

What a person has to do is continually dive into the wave and walk backwards out of the waves.
NEVER turn your back on these waves or try to swim with the waves to shore

Mexico Bird Watching

Mexico Bird

I am reading this book by Frank, called "A Vagabond Journey Around the World"
It is very old, I do not want to write in the book, so I am taking photos of pages I want to remember.
This page is talking about universal greetings of Travelers or Tramps.
"On the road, Jack?"
--- I am never coming Back..

This is a really great window in the El Pacific Inn, about 4 x 8 feet, and has swinging doors to close.
The only problem it does need some type of bars, this is Mexico and theft is common.

A Bird Bush, classic photography mistake here, I have my shadow in the picture, the zoom lens could have solved this.

Shark Bush in Mexico

Again, the shadow is in the photo

This is debris from a coconut or palm tree, they burn this stuff often, and has a few uses.

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