Mexico Girl

Mexico Girl Photos    Mexico Girl Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

The Mexico Doctor and the Pharmacy in one place

Horse used for renting on the beach grazing in junk lot

This is the Doctor, Medico of Playa Luces Pie de la Cuesta Mexico Acapulco

Round Wrought Iron or steel stairs are common in Mexico

The tienda, bodega, small store has sky tv and most Hotels have nothing

Boat or Lancha for the Lagoon Rides of Laguna de Coyuca

Boat the Margarita looking out at the Laguna de Coyuca of Pie de la Cuesta Mexico

Coconut Palms with small coastal mountains

Marinea Motor on Lancha in Mexico Lagoon Ride Boat

Kayaks for Rent, seems to be the new world fashion for beaches

I think this is a bluebird USA bus made into a transportation bus to the city. It cost 4.5 pesos or about
50 cents USA to take to the city of Acapulco about 8 miles away. March 2008

Pontoon on Lake or Lagoon at Pie de la Cuesta Mexico

Mexico Electricity

Cute little girl where I purchased a T-shirt

Velo or Bike of German Man and Girl who were riding in Mexico

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