Mexico Beach

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Laundry in El Pacifico Inn on Playa Luces of Pie de la Cuesta Acapulco

My Amigo saying Tranquillo

Black Water tank on top of roof, normally in Mexico they put tanks on roof and the city water is loaded into
the tanks than is fed down with gravity.

Water Tank made of Concrete in Mexico

Water tank made of bricks, then plastered with concrete in Acapulco Mexico

This is a pre-cast concrete sink used to wash clothes in most of Central and South America

This water tank is I think from a pump and not the city water

The Smell of Burning Coconuts reminds me of Pie de la Cuesta Mexico

The government of Mexico Tourist department put ups new stands before Easter, they just did finish the job

Mean dogs on the beach at Playa Luces or Pie de la Cuesta that chase runners or joggers.
People carry stick to hit them as they run

Joggers - if you look there is a huge salt mist that comes off this water because the waves bang so hard.
This causes lots of problems for Computers, Air Conditioners and all type of metals that rust

Palapas with Hammocks under it, this is the life

Electrical Wiring in Acapulco, Mexico

Bushes or Landscaping in Mexico

Speed Boats for skiing on the Lagoon at Playa Luces Acapulco Pie de la Cuesta

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