Pie de la Cuesta Mexico

Pie de la Cuesta Mexico Photos    Pie de la Cuesta Mexico Pictures
HoboTraveler.com    Travel Newsletter  208

Testing the Hotel to see if Clean, took off the sheets and looked under bed.
My bag is chained to the bed with a dog chain for security from cleaning ladies or Hotel staff

To pillows in Mexico, not the one on the right has no cover

I take safety pins and connect the sheets to the bed making it stay on the bed like a good fitted sheet

I have to put at least 8 on the bed to hold the sheets properly

Tres Marias is the central point to go watch the sunset in Pie de la Cuesta - Acapulco - Playa Luces

Boy on horses trying to rent to the people under Palapas

Boy on horse in the sunset over the Pacific Ocean

Map of Surfing in Guatemala or Mexico

Surfing Map - Salina Curz, Punta Conejo Puerto, Tapachula

A good sand castle, but best of all it has a small Mexico map in the middle

One Half Kilo, about one pound of Tortilla cost 5 Peso or 50 cents US

See the battery, this is a big pile of Mexican Food

The wrap the tortillas in paper and sell by the Kilo in Acapulco Mexico

Volleyball Court set up at U Kai Kims on Playa Luces or Pie de la Cuesta Mexico

The man cleaning the pool at the El Pacific Inn where I paid 100 dollars per week for room during Easter 2008

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