Pie de la Cuesta Mountain View

Pie de la Cuesta Mountain View Photos    Pie de la Cuesta Mountain View Pictures
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Three Mexican children who sell Bolillos a type of bread in the mornings near Pie de La Cuesta - Acapulco

This is a view of Pie de la Cuesta or the Laguna de Coyuca from up on the top of a mountain near at the entrance.

To the right of the freshwater is small mountains, this is on the west coast of Mexico near Acapulco Mexico

This is a spit of land that goes into the ocean about 20 Kilometers, there is a Mexican
Airforce base on this piece of land. If you look close you can see the air strip.

Air Strip of Mexican Military Airforce on left - Saltwater to left, fresh water or water dulce to right.

Lagoon of Coyuca

The house with maybe the best view of the ocean and Pie de la Cuesta - Acapulco Mexico

I think this house was built by cutting Coconut palms vertically to make the side panels.

Good view of Air Strip on Pie de la Cuesta or maybe Playa Luces Acapulco

Bolillos and other type of Mexican bread

Top of mountain community

Many small paths leading to many places, see the water tank, black on top of house.


This Catholic Church is on top of he mountain

Capella Catoica - San Judas Tadeo

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