Mexico Mangos and Bread

Mexico Mangos and Bread Photos    Mexico Mangos and Bread Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

Mexican Mangos on Tree at top of Playa Luces - Pie de la Cuesta



Mango Tree

Boy carrying fresh Bolillos or Bread down the hill the morning market of Pie de la Cuesta - Acapulco Mexico

He carries on his head the same as West Africa

About 6:30 am, they deliver big ice blocks to a few houses at Pie de la Cuesta,
I think maybe these houses do not have electricity.

Bolillo a typical food in the State of Guererro Mexico of Acapulco

Typical type houses on the mountain sides of Acapulco, the other is concrete square

View of Pie de la Cuesta a beach about 8 miles north of Acapulco Mexico

Air strip for Mexican Air Force

Bolillo sales children. The cost is 2-2.5 pesos per Bolillo about 25 cents USA as of March 2008


Shy turning around to avoid the camera

Los Tres Bolilleros

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